You can watch it quickly. Netflix makes settings for the playback speed

If for some reason you want to watch something in slow motion – or finish the show’s marathon faster – Netflix has you covered. The application has a switch that will allow you to change the speed of the movie.

Netflix has officially confirmed that the function of changing the speed of movie playback, tested a few months ago, will finally go to the service. Early adopters will get it today in the Android app. On this operating system, all users should receive the new feature within the next few weeks . Of course, this novelty will also go to iOS, iPadOS, Windows, and a web application – although at a later, yet unknown date. It is not clear whether it will also go to the application for smart TV systems.

In addition to normal playback speed, there will be multiples of 0.5, 0.75, 1.25 and 1.5 to choose from. This feature will work both with movies streamed directly from the cloud and with materials that have been downloaded to the application cache. However, its setting is not remembered deliberately – in each new movie or episode of the series, we will have to set the slowdown or acceleration again, if we feel the need to do so.

Change the playback speed on the Netflix service. How does this affect picture and sound?

Apparently, Netflix has put a lot of effort into algorithms that are supposed to improve the quality of slowed down or accelerated material. In particular, it is about the soundtrack, which usually becomes deformed during such manipulation, significantly lowering or increasing the pitch. The technique developed by the VOD giant is said to be very effective in reducing this side effect.

For me – a person a bit dizzy about the quality of picture and sound – such a function is a crude distortion of the art of film. However, this is only my subjective opinion. And it cannot be concealed: we will not lose much of the audiovisual quality of such series as the cult Friends, and yet these are ten seasons with 24 episodes each. Speeding it up will significantly shorten such a marathon.

You can watch it quickly. Netflix makes settings for the playback speed