Yes, Garmin services are not working. No, that doesn t mean you will lose all your workouts

All in all, so far … little is known. But maybe let’s summarize the facts.

If only because some people have exaggerated a bit with their interpretation.

Fact number 1: All or almost all Garmin services are at least from the morning

Okay, Garmin Connect may not be the most stable and reliable service in the world, but an all-day or even 24-hour failure has not happened to him for years. At least for the years I remember.

What is not working? Everything, actually. From Garmin Connect, to device sync any way, to the Garmin website. In the latter case, only the home page works properly, while clicking on anything results in displaying an error.

In addition, it also does not work … Garmin support, i.e. technical support (e-mail, telephone and chat) and the like. The company confirmed this about 7 hours ago via Twitter: