Imagine a scene, you get up at night and you want to go to the toilet, you know you need to switch on the light but you don’t want to disturb on family members that still in sleep. What if you go to the toilet without any light? That is a chance you wake the whole family up if you bump into something and falls. Can we kill two birds with one stone, going toilet without interrupted other family members? Here is the solution provided by Xiaomi – IR Sensor and Photosensitive Yeelight Xiaomi Night Light. Does it able to help us solve the problem? With the question in mind please follow editor and let me show you about it.  Get it the cheapest here!

First, unboxing

● Simple and elegant packaging box, rendering of IR Sensor and Photosensitive Yeelight Xiaomi Night Light is printed on the box, it is very beautiful.


●It is lying quietly under the manual, what your first impression? Do not worry, I will show you more nice picture.


●Below of IR Sensor and Photosensitive Xiaomi Night Light is a hang tag and our familiar Mi rainbow 5 AA batteries. This is not your imagination, the Xiaomi nite Light comes with free batteries. Next I will share my personal experiences after using this Mi Night Light.  

SecondFirst Hand Experiences

●Elegant appearance of Mijia IR Sensor and Photosensitive Xiaomi Night Light just like an artwork, you can put it in anyplace you want. By using a combination of advanced light sensors and a human Infrared detector it has a 120-degree field of vision and can detect a human IR signature from between 5 and 7 meters away. Mijia IR Sensor and Photosensitive Xiaomi Night Light will auto turn on in low-light conditions and the light can last up to 15 seconds, it is equipped with anti-infrared interference technology. Wherever you go, it will light up for you.

●The back of fuselage is detachable(Turn left to unlock the back cover while turn right to lock it), the dark gray circle is 3M adhesive, that allows us to easily pasted on wall, glass and other material surfaces. Of course, you can also paste the hang tags to any place where you need a light. It also frees you from socket and installation trouble, you can use Xiaomi Night Light anytime and anywhere.It owns good features for a small night light like arbitrary and flexible.

●Open the back cover is the battery compartment 


●Mijia IR Sensor and Photosensitive Xiaomi Night Light running off with 3 rainbows 5 batteries and support for two different brightness setting. How about durability? With it astoundingly energy efficient design, it has a low standby power usage of 0.25mW and can run for 12 months in 0.7 Lm mode or 6 months in 3.8 Lm mode, guarding for you every night.


● The design of hang tags is fantastic. With a simple installation, you can hang the Mijia IR Sensor and Photosensitive Yeelight Xiaomi Night Light anywhere you need it, such as in your closet, bedside, or anywhere else, just a hand gesture and the Mi Night light will turn on for you.

● After the battery is installed, the Mijia IR Sensor and Photosensitive Xiaomi Night Light will light up, soft and warm light without flash, not dazzling, keeping you safe when walking at night, and also protect the eyesight, unlike other night light products in the market that is so dazzling, like fear of no one noticing it.

●Although small, but it can illuminate a large area, with it companion you can feel a touch of warmth when going toilet at night.

Third, Summary 

Ultra-Large sensing angle and Ultra-long sensing distance, warm light follow by your side; Powered with AA batteries, can be pasted or just hanging, flexible and convenient; support double brightness mode to meet the needs of different people; soft and comfortable light, not dazzling, always care about your health. So much intimate design, everyone who use will know that how good  Mijia IR Sensor and Photosensitive Yeeligh Xiaomi Night Light is, it is not only an essential night light in life, but also bring a trace of warmth. A delicate light, a kind of attitude to life. Here is the best deal you can find online!



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