Xiaomi will present its second OLED TV on August 11

With all eyes on the Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme and Redmi K30 Extreme , Xiaomi has announced that this August 11 we will also know its second OLED-type television worthy of a 10th anniversary.

Just a month ago Xiaomi presented its first OLED television under the Mi TV Master series. A 65-inch TV that not only adds an OLED panel but also other leading technologies such as its HDMI 2.1 support or its 120Hz refresh rate.

This will be joined on August 11 by a new model that according to all indications will be larger . Another My TV Master Series that could also stand out for having an 8K resolution standing at the height of the latest TVs from Samsung and LG.

Xiaomi will present its second OLED TV on August 11. Xiaomi  News

Advertising poster for Xiaomi’s new OLED TV.

Even so, at the moment practically any detail about its characteristics is unknown. What is clear is that it will be a new OLED TV worthy of a 10th anniversary, so the surprise is guaranteed .

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