As a boy, I just love to play something that related to the mechanical since I was a child, maybe this is due to nature of boy. From the small things like four-wheel drive toys that I used to play as a kid(I think most people should know – it is an animation I watched during my childhood – Bakusō Kyōdai Let’s & Go!!) or large things like a fan at home(fan considered large things in my house, you all please don’t give bad comments ^ _ ^), these are the things that I used to play in my growing stage. It is fun when dismantling it, but when you assemble all the parts to make it one piece again and you found out an extra nut that you have no idea where it comes from, you will feel very headache. Haha, a bit out of the topic, now let’s talk about the tools that can be used when you need to dismantling something, here are the products we want to introduce to you – Xiaomi Wiha Screwdriver set. Get the cheapest price here!

The first day of 2018 and it is a New Year celebration, I just figure out to buy Xiaomi Wiha screwdriver set as a gift for myself, after all, boys want a set of their own tools (although not often disassemble things, the idea of dismantling and assemble back always there), so soon after I got it, the first impression is, whoa it is heavy and steady (boys like to have the feeling of weight), I want to get rid of this layer of packaging and have a look at the Xiaomi Wiha screwdriver set immediately. Now lets me show it to all Mi fans.


You can see red dot award 2017 winner at the upper left corner, it is not easy to acquire German Red Dot 2017 Product Design Awards, so this award is enough to prove that Xiaomi Wiha screwdriver is an extraordinary product. It is jointly built by Xiaomi and German high-end hand tools brand Wiha (Wiha, high-end brand in the German hand tools industry, with nearly 80 years of manufacturing experience of high-quality hand tools), the overall appearance showing a feeling of a cold style, just matched the nature of the product.



After unboxing, you can see the Xiaomi Wiha screwdriver set was wrapped in a layer of cartons, so the Xiaomi screwdriver set can stick it firmly inside the box, prevent unwanted damage due to shaking, to give better protection to the product. After opening the box, you can see the Wiha screwdriver set just like the rendering picture at the front of the packaging box, so you can know that how it looks at first glance.


There is a seal and warranty card around the box, if you read the instruction on the seal, it stated a method of open and close the box and some precautions (press to open and close, please avoid live-line working, keep out of reach of children, maximum permissible torque 2Nm), etc. There is impressive Enjoy Work slogan at the end. This seems to be the original intention for the invention of this product, with the help of this high-quality tools, you surely enjoy your work.


I love the texture feeling of the Xiaomi Wiha screwdriver set which including the aluminum alloy storage box, the surface with sandblasting and anode treatment, more resistant to sweat and corrosion, to ensure that products can be more durable. When you take out the inner box, the 24 Wiha high-precision bits are all in your sight, the anodized and non-slip aluminum handle can assist you to achieve your results more effective.


Each of the twenty-four bits has a Wiha logo and a model number, and there are lying quietly on their own position (and the corresponding bits pattern). When I take out the aluminum handle, ready to mount a bit into the handle, I suddenly found out it is magnetic bits, so even you shake it very hard the bits will not easy to mess up and lost, it is a great design.


1: Aluminum alloy storage box + aluminum handle + high-precision bits, definitely make the product more durable.
2: The handle and the bits have done a double anti-rust treatment, the hardness of the bit up to 60 HRC, surely can be your good helper at work.
3: Xiaomi Wihascrewdriver which combines the value of the appearance + Germany Red Dot 2017 Product Design Award’s, hand tools that can fulfil your routine repairs work. 

1: It feels good when holding Xiaomi screwdriver with a single hand, but if the aluminum handle can be a little bigger, it will be more helpful to the people with large palm.
2: If the aluminum handle can be made of telescopic style and at the same time can maintain the hardness and strength, then it can make the life more convenient.
3: Aluminum handle can be made into patterns, to improve the gripping ability and make it more convenient to use. 

Xiaomi Wiha screwdriver set can be fulfilled most of the needs in daily use on home appliances, such as replace the battery, repair TV, computer or etc. Each of the bit is imported S2 tool steel with special anti-rust ability, the hardness of every bit is 60 HRC, considered very high-quality tool steel, with the high precision bit, it is really a handy tool. I am using Xiaomi Wiha screwdriver set on dismantling and assemble my Xiaomi 1 phone and once again I am amazed by the high efficiency of it in daily repair work, with the aluminum alloy magnetic handle and high-precision bits, just like the slogan on the seal, Enjoy Work and don’t forget the initial intention. 

Base on my opinion, every family needs to have a person who knows how to fix things and every family do need a Xiaomi Wiha screwdriver set, if you like it, don’t miss it. Hurry to get one now. Here is the best price you can find online!

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  1. Great review and i also have this screwdriver set and i think its pretty bad ass and love the quality of the metal casing and screwbits.

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