Xiaomi wifi repeater is used to amplify wifi signal. I believe that most of the people have encounter problem with weak wifi signal some part at home, mostly due to the far distance between the user and the wireless router. Some people may think to change a better router but often not satisfy about the outcomes. Especially for the rich man who lives in large villa that has multiple floors, it is almost impossible to cover whole house with just one wifi router. Get it the cheapest here.

Product Appearance


▲XIAOMI WIFI REPEATER Pro is packaged in a simple but cool white box. Front view of the box is the enlarged picture for the wifi amplifier, sideview is the product name and Xiaomi LOGO and back view is a simple instruction for use. The terms Pro is specially marked red, make sure everyone know that this device is better and professional than previous Xiaomi Wifi Amplifier. 

▲The bottom of the box listed full specifications and manufacturer of Xiaomi Wifi Amplifier Pro is Xiaomi Technology Bejing LLC. Data transfer rate is up to 300Mbps, the wireless connection is 2.4G, not support of 5G technology, since it using standard is IEEE802.11b/g/n while 5G standard is IEEE802.11ac.

▲When you do your unboxing, first thing comes in your eyes is manual and wifi amplifier device just below it. This is what you will find inside the box, one wifi amplifier plus one manual. Miwifi amplifier Pro comes with all-black body make it look cool. 

▲The front of the miwifi amplifier is Xiaomi LOGO and two color indicator. Whole device slightly smaller than a palm or wall switch and socket. 

▲At the bottom of the amplifier there is a small hole, with a Reset words, every one who owns Xiaomi smart home products must know this button very well. This button needs to use a toothpick to tap, to reset the amplifier connection. 

▲Side is two tiny ears of the amplifier, Pro version using 2×2 external antennas,  to extend wifi signal coverage. This two tiny antennas can adjust within 180 degrees, whether installed vertically in the wall socket or horizontally plug in the plugboard. 

▲The back of the xiaomi repeater is the power plug and you can see the product label at the bottom of the plug, white part on the label is the serial number and MAC address. Amplifier using a universal power supply, The heat sink design around the amplifier make it work more stable. 

▲If you look out carefully inside amplifier for the joint part of plastic you can feel that it is smooth. This shows that Xiaomi Product does it very well on quality control. 

▲When you see that led indicator of amplifier blinking yellow light, it shows that it is connecting. When the light turns blue, it means working normally. 

▲Compare Xiaomi WIFI Repeater Pro with Xiaomi WIFI Repeater 2, you can know that Pro version is better at first sight. Mi Amplifier 2 is smaller in size but need another power adapter with a 5v USB port to supply power. Amplifier 2 has a built-in PCB antenna while Pro version has been designed with 2 external antennas, it is clearly the signal coverage of Pro version is better than Xiaomi Repeater 

2. Product performance testing 


▲First, open Mi Home App on your phone, tap a plus icon on top right of the corner, then tap add device and selected Xiaomi WIFI Repeater Pro. After that press next, and we can use it as normal after the device connected. 


▲When the device connected, we can see Xiaomi Repeater device on the home page of Mi Home App, you can know the current status by the tap on the device. We see that there is available firmware update, so let it update by clicking the update button. At the top of the interface, the signal strength and the connection status between the current Xiaomi Repeater and the router are shown. If the Xiaomi Wifi Repeater position is not good, then App will prompt you with some tips. 

▲Compare the interface between XiaomiWifi Repeater Pro and Miwifi Repeater 2, basically both of them using the same interface and same setting. What makes the difference is power module and two external antennas of the Pro version make it performs better by providing stronger signal coverage if compare to Wifi Repeater 2. 

▲My house toilet is a blink angle for the WIFI, so whenever I want to read some news at the toilet the surfing speed is quite slow and lag. After the use of the Miwifi repeater, the internet speed has been improved. Now let me do a test to make a comparison, the first picture is handphone connect directly to router that without amplifier in use. The signal shown is weak with signal strength -77dB and network delay are 170ms. After using the amplifier, signal strength increase to -62db and network delay is only 41.6ms. Now no more problem for reading news or watching a video in the toilet. 


★Xiaomi WIFI Repeater Pro proofing to be a useful device to extend home wifi signal until no dead spot inside the house. Compare to Amplifier 2, it provides a better signal, attractive device appearance and very suitable to plug in at one of the sockets inside the home for a long time. This device allows 64 devices connected at one time, but I don’t think you got that many devices at home. One of the disadvantages for Xiaomi Wifi repeater Pro is not supported 5G frequency band, I personally think that if a home is full of coverage of 5G signal then it can really call it high-speed access to the internet. This is my review on Xiaomi WIFI Repeater Pro, and finally thank everyone for reading. Here is the best deal you can find online!

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  1. My partner and I stumbled over here by a different web page and thought I might check things out.
    I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to looking into your web page for
    a second time.

  2. Salve, non è stato detto che può funzionare solo con Router Xiaomi.
    Se conoscete un modo per farlo funzionare con altri router, fatelo sapere grazie

  3. Thanks for the review. Exactly the comparison that I was looking for. Just missed out one thing was to compare the performance between Mi Pro, Mi 2 and without amplifier.
    I have several Xiaomi products and I will definitely have more. Great quality great price great products

  4. Hi, the MAC address is no always the real! You see the real in DHCP / Clients list , router menu.

  5. Hi
    I’m having poor WIFI in my bedroom PC. Can this be used to improve the WIFI coverage in my bedroom? The router is in my living room

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