Xiaomi WiFi Power Strip Price and Review

Every once in a while we get to experience an innovation that makes us go “wow!” and those inventions make us wonder if we ever thought something like that could possibly exist. If you’re someone who loves interesting gadgets or devices, something that makes your life even simpler and easier, do take a look at the upgraded Xiaomi wifi power strip. This is a one of a kind device that can add value to your other existing gadgets, making them “smart” while not really burning a hole in your pocket. Check out the Xiaomi WiFi Power Strip Price and Review for all the details.

Xiaomi has always had 3 plug power strips in the market which also have 3 USB ports. These normal power strips work very well and serve the purpose. Later, they released their 6 port wifi enabled power strips which became quite a hit. The only issue with that was the size. The power strip with 6 plugs gets a little too bulky and users found that they never really had to use all 6 at the same time. To solve this issue, Xiaomi released an upgraded version of the Wifi power strip in the market with 3 plugs and 3 USB ports that are fast charging. And boy is it amazing.

The Xiaomi Wifi Power Strip is one such super cool invention that you simply must check out!

Xiaomi Power Strip Review

Xiaomi Wifi Power Strip Setup

Xiaomi Wifi Power Strip – First Impressions

First impressions are everything and every electronic gadget manufacturer knows that. Let’s start this Xiaomi WiFi Power Strip Price and Review with the unpacking, shall we? Unpacking any new device is always a pleasure. The discovery of the brand new device is a feeling unmatched. 

  • The Xiaomi Wifi 3 plug power strip comes in a narrow box that has the image of the power strip on it. Like most Xiaomi products, this package is a clean white and minimalist in appearance. There is an instruction manual accompanying the device. The power strip can be slipped out and used immediately. 
  • The first thing we notice is the size of this. It is slightly longer than the non-smart 3 plug power strip, but that is not really a problem.
  • The Mijia Smart Power Strip weighs around 300 grams which is not too heavy. 
  • It does have a solid feel to it. This instrument is sturdy and durable. 
  • While the 6 plug wifi power strip had a traditional “on/off” switch, the 3 plug one has a circular “On” and “Off” button on it, which is almost flat like a touch switch, blending into the surface. This button is quite sensitive and feels very modern.
  • The plug is also circular to match the button. It is smaller than the square plug of the non-smart power strip and not too obtrusive
  • The fact that this has three plugs plus three USB ports makes it something that is usable: not too much, not too little. 

Overall, it is a typical Xiaomi device, simple and neat. It has rounded edges and a finish that looks and feels premium. 

Check it out here! – US $12.77 – 13.62

Xiaomi Power Strip 3The Specifications

Xiaomi devices are always long-lasting. The Wifi power strip is constructed with good quality plastic and feels quite strong. 

Here are some specifications of the device:

  • This has an “overload” protection system enabled, which protects the power strip from getting short-circuited or burnt. This, in turn, protects the devices you connect to this power strip. 
  • It has an automatic “shut off” feature in the event of power leakage
  • It has independent safety shutters for the plug sockets, making this child safe. 
  • The electronics inside are made from flame delaying material which can handle up to temperatures as high as 750 degrees C, ensuring that the power strip has a long life, protecting you as well in the process. 
  • The power cord is 1.8 metres long, sufficient enough to connect it to a power supply that may be a little far, giving you some wiggle room, yet not too long that it gets annoying
  • This wifi power strip works on both, 100 V as well as 240 V, perfect for whichever region you want to use this in
  • The maximum load is 2500 W
  • The power button has an inbuilt light that blinks when this device is turned on
  • The device connects to your wifi and can be controlled using your phone. There is no separate remote instrument to control this
  • The plug to be connected to the power supply is a three pin plug which can be used in countries like Australia, New Zealand and China. 
  • The three plug sockets have both the three pin as well a two pin provision
  • There are three USB ports that are fast charging
  • The mi Home app works on both Android as well as iOS phones and downloads quickly

Check it out here! – US $12.77 – 13.62

How To Setup Mi Smart Power Strip

Installing the Xiaomi Wifi power strip is really quick and not a hassle. 

Since this device works with Wifi, you can connect it using the “Mi Home” app loaded on your smartphone. Just connect it like you would connect any new wifi device and add this on. Your smartphone now starts acting as the remote through which you can control the power strip. 

You can use the remote application on your phone to:

  • Turn on and turn off the device
  • Set timers to switch it on and off
  • Keep an eye on the amount of power being used by your various devices. You can use this feature to save power effectively
  • You can automate the turning on and off of the power strip depending on your need

This is quite useful when you want to attach lamps or certain other devices and turn them on remotely or at a particular time. You can get creative and get more out of this device to turn on your alarm system or outdoor lights when you are not at home or away on a vacation!

Other than the smart feature, it also works as a regular power strip when you need. The USB ports charge pretty quickly, of course, depending on the device connected. 

Check it out here! – US $12.77 – 13.62

What we love about the Smart Power Strip – The Pros

Like other smart power strips, the Xiaomi wifi power strip has a number of features but there are certain ones that stand out. Here are the highlights of this device:

  • Your smartphone doubles as the remote control. This saves you the pain of hanging on to another device. 
  • The safety features are commendable. You, your home as well as your gadgets are safe when connected to this power strip. 
  • The three socket provision makes this the ideal choice to be carried with you when you are travelling
  • The quick-charging USB ports are a boon in today’s times when we just don’t have the time to wait around.
  • The circular on/off touch button with the light hidden below looks really fancy!
  • The mi home app is easy to connect and use

Check it out here! – US $12.77 – 13.62

Xiaomi Power Strip – The Cons

It is human tendency to always want that little something extra. We are never satisfied with what we have and in a way that is a good thing. It is because of this constant greed to have better and better gadgets that we have some of these amazing inventions, as well as their upgrades!

Though the Xiaomi 3 plug wifi power strip is near perfect, there are a couple of points that the company could probably address in their next release:

  • This is made in China and comes with a standard China pin. You will, therefore, need an adapter to use this power strip in any country that does not use the Chinese pin.  But this isn’t that big of a hassle if you consider the pros.
  • You cannot turn off or on just one device at a time. Like regular power strips, you can either turn off the whole bunch of connected gadgets or turn them all on. This is a disappointment and we do hope that Xiaomi is working to fix this in their upgraded device.

Check it out here! – US $12.77 – 13.62

Xiaomi WiFi Power Strip Price and Review – Final Thoughts

All in all, it’s better than literally anything in the same segment. With the smartphone control (Mi home app control) and the fast charging options, it’s definitely worth the buy. It also has a pretty amazing safety feature which is double if not a triple whammy.

Of course, it has a few irritating cons. if you live in the western part of the world you will have to buy an adapter as this smart power strip is primarily suited for Chinese pins. Also, you can’t individually control the three pins. But, this isn’t that big of a deal.

Check it out here! – US $12.77 – 13.62

Price of the Xiaomi Wifi power strip

No matter how attractive the features of a device are, it always comes down to the price point. 

Xiaomi has made a name for itself for giving us products that do justice to the money spent. It’s always “function meets aesthetics” with this brand. 

The three plug wifi power strip costs as less as US $20 in stores online. That, in our opinion, is an amazing price for the kind of use we can put it to. 

Check it out here! – US $12.77 – 13.62

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How do I connect my Xiaomi power strip?

It’s very simple. You connect to the Xiaomi Power Strip through your Mi Home app on your smartphone. The best part is that you can control the Xiaomi power strip through your phone, set it on automation or turn it on/off with a click of a button. And even get real-time charge data.
It has a bunch of safety features that protect it from burning your house down. So, it’s definitely a super useful product especially for its price of less than 20$.
Check out the Xiaomi WiFi Power Strip Price and Review for all the details.

Are smart power strips worth it?

Smart power strips and regular strips are not that far apart in terms of price. they both are are around the 10$-20$. So your not losing a lot of money by investing in a smart power strip which by the way is super worth it. You get amazing features for a measly 3-4 extra bucks.
For example, You can control the The Xiaomi Smart Power Strip through your phone and even get data on the progress of the charge. That pretty amazing if you ask me.
Check out the Xiaomi WiFi Power Strip Price and Review for all the details.

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