[Xiaomi weekly] The ultimate carnival of Double 11 and Mi MIX 2 Full Ceramic Body on sale.

Xiaomi Weekly, your weekly Xiaomi news on select top stories, for the Xiaomi fans served with best quality dosage. Here are this week’s Xiaomi news.

1.    MoU signed between Xiaomi and Qualcomm in presence of leaders of China and United States

On November 9, Lei Jun, founder and chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Company, attended the Sino-US Business Exchange in the Great Hall of the People. Subsequently, in presence of the leaders of China and the United States, Lei Jun and Steve Mollenkopf, CEO of Qualcomm, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on chip procurement projects  

2.    Mi MIX 2 Full Ceramic Edition on sale

MiMIX 2 Full Ceramic Edition, with bezel-less front screen and jade-like full ceramic body is available on sale from midnight (00:00 hours) on November 11 on all platforms.      

3.    500 million in profit! Mi in Double 11, the grand opening of the ultimate carnival

Mi opened with a full fire power in the Double 11 sale, the ultimate carnival that opened on midnight (00:00 hours) on November 11. Mi4A was offered at an unbeatable price of 499 Yuan, MiNote 3 was down by 300 Yuan and with free vouchers, MiTV was also down as high as 1000 Yuan and Mi Notebook Pro and whole lot of products for the exalted carnival!  

4.    MiNote 3 Wu Yifan Limited Edition

MiNote 3 Wu Yifan Limited Edition with back engraving of “Kris Wu” MiNote 3, Wu Yifan’s exclusive album, metal nameplate, and limited edition certificate. This limited edition phone is priced at 2399 Yuan and was on sale from midnight (00:00 hours) on November 11, on Xiaomi Mall / Tmall/ Jingdong and other platforms.  

5.    New Mi6 with 4GB +64 GB storage was released for 2299 Yuan

The new Mi6 with 4GB + 64GB storage is priced only 2299 yuan! With dual zoom cameras, four-axis optical image stabilization, Snapdragon 835 flagship processor, and 5.15 “eye shield” is a product of Xiaomi’s seven years of technological dream, is available from midnight (00:00 hours) on November 11, on Xiaomi platform.  

6.    Xiaomi launches sale in Spain, in its first leg of holding market presence of Xiaomi in Western Europe

On Tuesday, November 7, Xiaomi announced its official entry into Spain in Madrid. This is the first time that Xiaomi has entered the Western European market, marking an important step toward the internationalization of Xiaomi. Built with innovative technologies, a variety of Mi products is being offered with excellent quality and very competitive prices, surprising Spain and the entire Western European smartphone market.

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