One of the unavoidable problems by using an ultra-slim notebook is that there are too few expansion ports, even Mi notebook will encounter a similar problem. Although it provided USB-A and HDMI ports, in some scenarios, you still have to plug in and off for switch between the different device to meet the needs of daily use. Today I would like to introduce a very useful accessory, so you no longer subject to the scarcity of the expansion ports, and this accessory is Xiaomi USB C to HDMI Multi-function Adapter. Get the cheapest price here!


【Appearance and it usage】

Xiaomi USB C Adapter, along with the packaging box, weighed light, and the packaging box looks like a delicate pencil case.


The back of the packaging box has listed the details interface specifications of the products, that’s included a USB-C, two USB-A and a Mini Display Port interface, which Mini Display Port requires USB-C interface of the host supports video output function, and the Xiaomi adapter is used USB-C connector. In addition, the back of the box also has a picture to show the typical scenarios in using the Xiaomi type c adapter, it can charge a notebook and by the same time connected to display/projection equipment, USB mouse and USB hard disk or thumb drive, it is very useful.


After opening the box, you can see the Xiaomi USD c adapter nested in a simple paper structure, and a manual, that’s all you can find inside the box.


Xiaomi USB c adapter is made of plastic material with surface go through the lacquer that bakes like piano, it is very textured, and the thickness only 12mm. So you can easily keep it into the inner compartment of the luggage, can convenient to bring for business trips and travel.


The side of the Xiaomi type c adapter is two side-by-side USB-A, you can use it connected to your USB Bluetooth receiver, hard disk, keyboard, mouse and etc, so you no longer limited by the two USB-A port of Xiaomi notebook.


The top of the Xiaomi adapter is the USB-C and Mini Display Port interface, usually, the USB-C port is used to connect Xiaomi notebook’s power plug, at the same time adapter can act as an expansion port to enable the notebook connecting to more devices.



Do not underestimate this short signal line, it contains 96 pure tinned copper conductor, with powerful anti-oxidation ability, and capability of the wire in anti-interference, ensure the stability during high-speed signal transmission.


The Mini Display Port interface supports the transmission of a 4K 60-frame video signal; the USB-C supports PD 3.0 fast charging and intelligent recognition of voltage and current, compatible with multi-system and multi-model devices.


Xiaomi USB C to HDMI Multifunction Adapter can be described as an essential part of the Mi notebook, with its help, you can connect more equipment to your notebook whether at office or home. Now, this Xiaomi type c adapter only sold at 149 yuan, and it also provides a variety of conversion interface combinations (including VGA and RJ45 network port, etc.) version for the user to buy on demand, friends who interested can really take a look in it. Here is the best price you can get online!

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