Why to buy Xiaomi Water Kettle?

Users who use electric kettles at home will inevitably encounter the following dilemmas:
You want to drink a cup of hot water to warm your body during winter but you found out that the boiling water has long been cool;
When the desire to drink something delicious arose, but you found out that you need to reboil the water before you can brewing drinks, you decide to drop the idea to avoid getting in the trouble.

In fact, what you need most is a “smart” electric kettle, which not only solves the problem of boiling water but also intelligently assists you to keep the temperature of the water. Today, allow me to introduce for yours this “smart” electric kettle – Xiaomi thermostat electric kettle. Get it the cheapest here



Xiaomi thermostat electric kettle is packing inside a typical Xiaomi gray-white box with a Mi and Mijia logo printed on top, this logo also can view as the identity card of the Xiaomi products. The picture of Xiaomi water kettle is printed at front and back of the box, make sure you know how was the kettle looks like in a first glance. The label affixed to the side of the box contains the details parameters of the Xiaomi smart kettle which including the physical and electrical properties. It is worth to mention that the word “Connected to Xiaomi Smart Home”, which may be implicated that it is part of the Xiaomi smart eco-system products and can control by Mi Home App.



When you open the box from the top, you will find the manual and the plastic foam at first, you can gently remove the plastic foam and manual from the shallow grooves from both sides.


Under the top cover are the Xiaomi water kettle and the power base. To prevent the lid being damaged during transportation, the product team solved this problem simply and effectively by wrapping it with a PP plastic film.


Take out the kettle, you can see the plastic foam base, in order to prevent the kettle and power base in the box shaking, plastic foam base with just right groove structure to fix the kettle and power base. Packing list of products includes Xiaomi thermostat electric kettle, power base and manual.



Let us look at the power base first, the whole base is quite solid and weighty, I am impressed by the good quality material of the cable and the power base. The bottom of the base is equipped with a power cord storage structure, which can flexibly adjust the length of the power cord according to the position of the socket. There are three protruding mat structures at the bottom edge to allow Xiaomi water kettle to be placed more firmly on a flat surface. You can see the precautions message printed in the middle of the bottom: “Do not immerse in any water”; the lower part of the central location is affixed a products information label for users to view at any time.




Look at the Xiaomi water kettle, although it looks like made of plastic but it is not what its look. It is double layer design, internal part is stainless steel liner, and the outer body is a food grade PP plastic. There is also a hollow insulation layer structure between the two-layer, even if the liner has been as high as 100 ℃, the outer body is only about 40 ℃, it is very effective in insulating the heat.


The shape of the handle is a half-rounded rectangle, which is convenient for the user to carry; a smooth button on the upper edge of the handle is used to open the lid. When you press the button, the lid will slowly open to 45° to prevent condensation in the lid of the hot water droplets splash out, in addition, the lid can be opened up to 80 °, to facilitate the user to deep clean the liner. The lower edge of the handle has a Bluetooth logo, and you can read about how to connect your mobile phone to Xiaomi thermostat electric kettle via Bluetooth 4.0 in the manual or on the label.




The shallow groove design enables easy pouring water but at the same time reduce the dust that manages to enter the kettle and keep the temperature to a certain extent.


The components that expose to water like kettle liners, lid and temperature sensors are 304 stainless steel food grade material that matches with GB4806 standard. This material is safe and reliable, and it is widely used in medical and food industries, with outstanding features like not rusty, anti-scale, odorless and easy to clean and etc.



The flat bottom of Xiaomi water kettle was rigorously printed nameplate with product information; center position may not see beautiful but it is a triple security patented power connector, that is “protection against electric shock by hand touch, no current leakage by pouring water, automatically turn off if empty water. It is a small kettle that contains a big knowledge.


Next, let’s take a look at the specific use of the Xiaomi water kettle.

User Experience

In order to experience the full function of Xiaomi kettle, we add the kettle to the Mi Home App while boiling water: After entering the Mi Home APP, click the “+” in the upper right corner → select “Add Device” → find the Xiaomi thermostat electric kettle by “Scanning Device” and then select it → follow the prompts to long press the keep temperature key for 3 seconds to complete the connection with the Mi Home APP (this will not affect the boiling process, it will automatically return to the state of boiling water when successfully connected) 

Whether it is boiling water or keep temperature, there will be a corresponding status light along the lower edge of the handle. The time in need for boiling water is short, it takes only a few minutes for boiling 1.5L of water, it is worth to mention that the noise during boil water is small, once the water boils it will automatically turn to the keep temperature mode according to the APP setting, and it can keep the temperature up to 12 hours.


After Xiaomi water kettle connected to Mi Home APP, you can view the water temperature and other various configurations through the APP in real time, such as keep temperature mode, reboils and keeping temperature mode can be configured in the APP according to personal preference, which is very smart and user-friendly. This giving you a peace of mind when you want to drink a cup of warm water or brew a variety of drinks. 

Xiaomi thermostat electric kettle, with the sumptuous and art-like design, seriousness in approaching the quality of excellence in boiling water and drinking water, triple security patented power connector and food grade 304 stainless steel liner that provides reliable security for boiling water and drinking water. In addition, it can also be connected to Mi Home App to intelligently control the water temperature so that you can always drink “customized” water at home. Now, this kettle is sold only 199 yuan, friends who interested about this can have a look on it. Here is the best deal you can find online


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