Do you ever forgot to turn off the home appliances or power supply at home while you go outstation? I believe many people had experienced such awkward moments before. If totally forget about this, you will feel okay but how if you suddenly remember that you forgot to do this important thing and you unable to go back home immediately. There are fashionable words that can describe this feeling, that is “the whole person is feeling not good.” But this kind of problem will no longer bother you with the help of Xiaomi smart socket.  Let me introduce this Xiaomi socket for you all. Get the cheapest price here!

Picture of Xiaomi smart socket was printed on the front of the packaging box, this what you see is what you get style is a standard packaging design for Xiaomi products. Mijia logo is on one side while the other side is the product description information, from here we can learn that the Xiaomi smart socket is following ZigBee wireless connection protocol, and it is rated at 10A, so it is no problems in support Air conditioners or water heaters and other high-power equipment.




After unboxing the package, you will see the3 +2 jack Xiaomi smart socket in white. Packing list of products includes Xiaomi socket and manual.


Xiaomi smart socket comes with three-pronged angled pins, you can view the parameter at the bottom of the plugs, its maximum output value is rated as 2500W-10A-250V, be sure to refer to this before use to avoid the risk. Base on the certified LOGO, you can be noticed that the Xiaomi outlet is certified by CCC and other professional certification.


Xiaomi smart socket jack is 3 +2 modular, and have security cover, which can effectively prevent children from accidentally get an electric shock. There are maximum current rated as 10A printed on the plastic label, once again remind users should pay attention when in use. In the bottom of the jack, there is a small indicator used to show you the connection and working status, and editor will introduce it specifically later.


There is a secret round button at the bottom of Xiaomi socket, and the instruction for connecting the devices is printed on the plastic label, this button is for connecting only, most of the time you can be ignored it. The sides and top of the Xiaomi outlet are just a bright flat surfaces.




【User Experience】

Please note that the Mi smart socket is not able to work independently, it must be used in conjunction with Mi multi-functional gateway, if you have both devices you can refer to the following steps to complete the connection: Go to Mi Home APP → select “Multi-Functional Gateway” → go to the “Devices” tab → select “Add Sub Device”, find “Xiaomi Smart Socket (ZigBee Version)” and select → According to the prompt, long press the button below the Xiaomi socket for 5 seconds, until the socket indicator light turns red about 1 second and then release → Connection completed. During the connection process, Mi multi-function gateway will have a voice prompts, so basically, the entire connection process is quite simple. 

After Xiaomi outlet is connected successfully, you can see the new “Notebook” in the sub device list of Mi Multi-Functional Gateway (this is personalized naming of Xiaomi Smart Socket by me); at the same time, you can see a quick control icon “Notebook”, you can click it to switch on/off for the Xiaomi socket. 

You can also select “Notebook” from the list of sub-devices to enter the configuration menu of the Xiaomi smart socket, to configure the advance personalized setting, such as the timer switch, countdown switch, and more importantly, you can configure your smart scene setting in Mi multi-functional gateway, just like the words “your smart home, you have the final say”. 

Mi smart socket, transformed the traditional household appliances and socket into a smart device, even you forget to turn off the power when you go out, you can also view the power status and control switch anytime, anywhere through the mobile phone APP. More importantly, with its help, you can independently design your own “smart home” life, make life easier and more convenient. Smart home life, starting from the Xiaomi smart socket. Here is the best price you can get online!


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