Xiaomi shows us its new under-screen camera technology that will arrive in 2021

About a year ago Xiaomi showed us its first smartphone prototype with an under-screen selfie camera . A first model that was based on the Xiaomi Mi 9 itself and that has now been improved based on the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra .

On this occasion, Xiaomi has wanted not only to show us this third generation of its under-screen camera technology, but also to explain how it has evolved, allowing the selfie camera hidden under the terminal panel to obtain, for the first time, all its photographic quality without reduce the screen quality in turn .

Although the previous technology was capable of "hiding" the camera under the screen by reducing the number of pixels on the panel and thus becoming partly transparent, this new evolution achieves it without reducing the number of pixels and without also affecting the photographic quality.

Xiaomi shows us in video its new smartphone with an under-screen selfie camera. News Xiaomi

Above: Traditional OLED display with 4 RGB sub-pixels
Medium – Initial screen Camera technology had only 1 RGB sub-pixel reserved for display
Latest: All four RGB pixels are illuminated with 3rd generation technology, ensuring high pixel density

For this, Xiaomi has used a pixel arrangement of its own development , doubling the number of pixels in vertical and horizontal arrangement. This ensures that the screen area where the camera is located has a pixel density similar to that of the rest of the panel.

Capable of taking near-perfect selfie photos

As explained by Xiaomi, this new evolution of its under-screen selfie camera technology allows the camera to obtain all the necessary amount of light . As a result, it is capable of taking pictures on a par with a traditional camera.

In addition, as we can see lines above, Xiaomi wanted to show us its new smartphone prototype with an under-screen selfie camera based on the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra . As we can see, this dispenses with its design with a perforated camera, in order to become a true "all screen".

As explained by the CEO of the firm himself, this new technology will be ready for mass production from next 2021 , the date on which we will see commercially the first Xiaomi smartphone with a hidden camera under the screen.