Xiaomi s latest craze is called Mi Store On Wheels: your official store now on wheels

If there is something that characterizes Xiaomi, it is its madness launching all kinds of products that we could never have imagined. An example of this is its new My Store On Wheels service , nothing less than its own official stores now on wheels .

Without going any further, Xiaomi has launched its new Mi Store One Wheels service in India in order to bring its products to practically any corner of the country , regardless of whether it is large cities or towns in the middle of the mountains.

Thanks to the use of a fully equipped truck, the Indian inhabitants will be able to enjoy the advantages of shopping in a Mi Store in areas where there is not yet one of these official stores, being able to purchase smartphones, gadgets, etc.

Xiaomi's latest craze is called Mi Store On Wheels: your official store now on wheels. News Xiaomi

In the purest ice cream truck style, this new Xiaomi service will take its products to rural and less populated areas of the Asian country. In addition to selling a large part of its wide range of smartphones, Mi Store One Wheels will offer the possibility of buying gadgets such as the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick or the Mi TV Box .

Thanks to this service, Xiaomi aims to want to conquer practically any corner of India with its products. A most interesting initiative, which without a doubt we would love to see in other European countries and especially in those areas where Xiaomi has not yet opened a Mi Store.

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