Xiaomi Panorama 360 Camera In-depth Review

Xiaomi launched a brands new product, the Xiaomi Panorama Camera. From the name, you can actually know what this product is used for. Unlike other ordinary action cameras, compact system cameras, and SLR cameras, Xiaomi panorama 360 camera is a camera that can take 360-degree panorama photos and videos. Let’s take a look at Xiaomi 360 camera! Get it the cheapest here!

First, User experience on the appearance of Xiaomi Mijia panorama 360 camera

Xiaomi 360 camera is designed by Beijing MADV Technology Co., Ltd. This company mainly provides VR panoramic software and hardware services. Xiaomi panoramic 360 camera packaging adhering to the simplicity of Xiaomi products, the front of the box printed the image of the product. 

Features of the Xiaomi 360 camera also printed on the front of the box, such as 360° panoramic shooting, 23.88 million effective pixels, and IP67 waterproof and electronic image stabilization (six-axis).



In terms of accessories, apart from Xiaomi Mijia 360 camera, there is also a tripod, a USB charging cable, as well as some manuals, warranty cards, etc. The USB charging cable will not show you here.


Xiaomi 360 camera adopted a simple design, the camera is in black with a matte texture and near the lens uses an aluminum alloy series 5xx.x to create the CD pattern, which gives a sense of technology. Besides, for a panoramic camera, portability is the most important feature. The thinnest part of the Xiaomi 360 camera is only 12mm, you can easily put it in your pocket and taken out for shooting at any time.


In a previously published article, I wrote about a review of the appearance of a Xiaomi panorama 360 camera. Some netizens asked why the back of the camera is not included? Is there a display screen? The reason Xiaomi 360 camera name the camera as panoramic because it can achieve a 360-degree in a shooting. So there is lens in front and rear of the camera, which means no display screen. You need to use an App on your mobile phone as a viewfinder.


The two cameras of the Xiaomi panorama 360 camera adopt the Sony IMX 206 image sensor and the image processor of the Ambarella A12, respectively. The two lens are both 23.88 million pixels, and it can be seamlessly shot and stitched into a panorama photo with a resolution of 6912×3456.

In terms of shooting video, through the professional-level Ambarella image processor, Xiaomi 360 camera can actively calibrate and adjust color-difference of the picture that captured by the two lenses, to achieve a smooth transition of the picture, supporting two Ultra HD video recordings which are 3456×1728/30fp and 2304×1152 /60fps respectively.


So how did the Xiaomi 360 camera make 360-degree panoramic shots?Xiaomi panorama camera uses a super wide-angle large aperture lens + prism, two 190-degree ultra-wide angle fisheye lens through the built-in prism together to shoot a 360-degree panoramic content. In addition, the combination of Xiaomi 360 camera super wide-angle, wide-aperture lens and a prism is also very good at controlling the blind spot. Due to the thickness and size of the camera during shooting, Mi 360 camera will generate a corresponding blind spot and anything within the blind spot is unable to capture. This will cause the entire panoramic picture seen unnatural, but the Xiaomi 360 camera has performed well in this area. I will show you the specific panoramic shooting effect in the following review.


You can find most of the Xiaomi 360 camera button at the top, from left to right are mic microphone, power mode button (can switch between on/off, camera, recording), and WiFi button, shutter/confirmation button, and mic microphone.

In addition, the middle part of the Xiaomi panorama 360 camera uses the 6 series aviation-grade aluminum alloy AL6063 and adopts CNC machining technology, polishing, grinding, sandblasting, anodizing and other 15 processes, the entire product looks simple, but the craftsmanship and materials in used are very elegant.


There are a memory card slot and a micro USB charging port on the right side border of the Xiaomi 360 camera. There is not much to introduce here, and the only problem that you needs to pay more attention is that the Xiaomi panorama 360 camera sets strict requirements on the supported memory cards. For this part, I will explain it in detail later.

Besides that, the Xiaomi panorama 360 camera IP67 waterproof up to 1M, and I think do not need to mention the dust proof feature here, you all should know full well. Basically, waterproof and dustproof of IP67 enough to meet the daily life experience even in the “nasty environment.”


The bottom of the Xiaomi 360 camera is a tripod fixing thread, a charging point (can be charged or controlled by an external accessory) from left to right, and a 1/4 tripod connecting mount, a buzzer hole, and a tripod fixing thread.

Basically, the appearance and design of the Xiaomi 360 camera are like this. It seems to be adopted simplicity in design that including all the important features such as waterproof, dustproof, charging point, tripod fixing thread, and so on.



Xiaomi panorama 360 camera has three indicator lights on the body, for video recording/capture and power status respectively. The power indicating light will turn red when the battery is draining.


Xiaomi Mijia 360 camera is very portable, you can compare it by putting it together with Mi 5C, it only half the size of the phone. Well, the review on the appearance of the Xiaomi 360 camera is ended here. Overall, although it looks very concise, the workmanship still very sophisticated. 

Second, APP experience of Xiaomi panorama 360 camera


Since Xiaomi 360 camera has no display screen, so you need the APP on your mobile phone to use these cameras, now let’s take a look at the phone APP experience of the Xiaomi panorama 360 cameras.

The main interface of the APP, there is some panoramic video content available to view. It is basically an official production or submitted by the netizen. By the way, I would like to reminds you relate to the Xiaomi panorama 360 camera memory card support issue. Xiaomi 360 camera is best to use the official designated memory cards, after all, the panoramic camera have a high requirement of the read and write speed for the memory card which normal memory card may not support it. So be sure to refer to the several memory cards that recommended in the APP and do not buy the wrong one.


In fact, you can shoot directly through the Xiaomi 360 camera without using the APP, but you can use the APP to shoot remotely and perform some special shooting methods such as self-timer shots, Miaopai shots, and time-lapse shots.
You can also set some Xiaomi camera parameters in the APP, such as white balance, exposure compensation, loop recording, and so on. In addition, Xiaomi 360 camera is divided into four kinds of preview modes, that is, Mirrorball, Flat, Little Planet & Pano, can be selected in advance in the settings when shooting.


Xiaomi panorama 360 camera can browse pictures in the APP, and also can directly download pictures to the phone.


When you want to view the panoramic photos and videos shot by the Xiaomi 360 camera in your mobile phone, then you can only view them through the APP, or share them through the APP. You can directly view them on your mobile browser or your computer’s web browser. You can only view the panoramic content through the methods mention above.


When viewing panoramic photos and videos on a computer web page, you can use the mouse to scroll through the panorama content, but some computer browsers do not support this feature.

Besides, you can directly cut, edit and add music to the video in the mobile phone APP, but this feature is not supporting to IOS client yet. For now, this feature is only available for Android user, and this is really very convenient feature.

The mobile phone App experienced the Xiaomi 360 camera is not bad, especially the App allows user directly edit video in the App which is really very convenient.

Three, Xiaomi panorama 360 camera shooting experience



The Xiaomi 360 camera does not have a particularly requirement for shooting, but if you attach the original tripod during the shooting, you may see shadow of the tripod on the content that you shot.



In general, besides the original tripod, it is best to have an additional selfie stick.


Now, let’s us have a look at some pictures that taken by Xiaomi Panorama 360 camera. First, let’s talk about my personal opinions. Personally, I think that the photos taken by this type of compact camera must be poor quality due to a functional problem. But my actual shooting effect with the panoramic camera makes me surprised.

Through the outdoor shooting of this photo, we can see that the Xiaomi 360 camera has excellent shooting results and because it is a 360-degree shot, so it certainly involves shooting with backlight. However, Xiaomi 360 camera doing very good with the backlight issue, the panoramic picture that captured is very natural.


In addition, there may be users who think that the panoramic pictures taken by the Xiaomi panorama camera are strange, especially on the top and bottom part. In fact, I mentioned this problem before. If you choose to export it directly and do not view the panoramic photos through the APP, the panoramic photo looks like the above picture. So if you really want to experience the charm of a panoramic photo, then it is best to watch it on the APP.


Let’s talk about the different colors of the panoramic photos, because the Xiaomi 360 camera using two lenses to capture picture, the metering on both sides is not the same, so appears different colors in the same photo.


Xiaomi 360 camera outdoor panorama photo full display.


Xiaomi 360 camera outdoor panorama photo full display.


Xiaomi 360 camera outdoor panorama photo full display.


Xiaomi 360 camera outdoor panorama photo full display.


Xiaomi 360 camera outdoor panorama photo full display.


I did not attach to tripod before shooting the few picture mention above, but this photo was taken after the camera attaches to the tripod. Since it is a 360° panoramic shot, the bottom part of the camera will also be photographed. The black shadow in the picture actually is a tripod, so all of you should not worry, this is not a bug in the camera.


The Xiaomi panorama 360 camera also performs well in night shooting, it even able to capture the clouds in the far away at night, and you can also set manual exposures up to 8 seconds on the mobile phone APP to capture the shocking long-exposure panoramas picture.


Xiaomi 360 camera indoor panoramic photo full display.


Xiaomi 360 camera indoor panoramic photo full display.


Xiaomi 360 camera indoor panoramic photo full display.


The indoor experience of the Xiaomi panorama 360 camera is quite good also. Basically, I don’t feel too many problems during the shooting, and the imaging results is very satisfactory. In addition, Xiaomi 360 camera has a built-in 1600mAh battery, support for 5 hours of standby, 75 minutes HD shooting, 200 high-definition photo shoot. You can use Xiaomi power bank to charge the camera, it supports QC 2.0 fast charge and only takes 2 hours to fully charge the camera.


Finally, let’s talk about the effect of video shooting. Xiaomi 360 camera supports 3.5K video shooting and has a 3-axis gyroscope + 3-axis accelerometer and EIS electronic image stabilization. When I shot the video, I did not use any stabilizer. It is all hand-held with the original tripod + Xiaomi 360 camera, but the outcome is fascinating.

Besides that, many users may feel that the panoramic video looks strange? Why do it need to appear two circles? This situation is similar to the browsing panorama picture mentioned above. If you want to embrace the full panoramic experience of the panoramic picture and video captured by the Xiaomi 360 camera, you must view it on APP. If you directly export it in the normal video format to view, the video will look like what I show to your above.
In general, I am satisfied with the photos and video were taken by the Xiaomi 360 camera. I personally think it is quite “perfect”.


Summary of overall user experience:

The overall user experience of Xiaomi panorama 360 camera is not bad, but it cannot be said that it is rigid demand product. Whether want to buy a Xiaomi 360 camera still according to your personal preferences. From the product experience, workmanship, APP and so on, this product is outstanding. But there is a little issue for the average user, it may need some time to adapt to fully utilize all the feature. Xiaomi panorama camera is very simple to use, you can use to take some parent-child records, living travel record, or commercial purposes such as travel road books, real estate show, live broadcast, car interior showcase and etc. If you are interested in panoramic cameras, or if there is a demand for such products, then you may wish to consider this Xiaomi 360 camera! I believe that its performance will not disappoint you! Here is the best deal you can find online!



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