The Ultimate review on Xiaomi Noise Cancelling Headphones after 4 months usage for thorough inspection of the workmanship and sound quality. Xiaomi Noise Cancelling Headphones is one of pioneered in noise cancelling headphones, to which can guide the public gradually accept the facts that Xiaomi Mi 6 dispensed with the audio jack beside open up new area of black technology. Get it the cheapest here!

Xiaomi noise cancelling headphones have just launched, after all, it is a pioneer product, though the compatibility is not very good, some sort of problem like not support switching song for the music app, only compatible for type-c phone, distortion when making a call or watching video(editor own experience).But these can be resolved through optimization, after using 4 months let editor tell you whether any improvement for this kind of problems.

So let inspect for workmanship before go through the sound quality. 

Besides sound quality, appearance also very important for an earphone and Xiaomi noise cancelling headphones is done a fantastic job on its appearance. But after prolonged use, it still looks good like the first buy? Let have a look on it.

Unboxing, to inspect the products quality after daily use: 

Just clarify, I am not violently using the product but also not that kind of person which extremely take care of their belonging. For me Xiaomi noise cancelling headphone is for normal use, I am a typical Capricorn, a workaholic, when I too busy in doing something, it is hard to remind myself to carefully using the earphone.   In fact, the mi earphone is usually put in a flannel bag, I will only bring it along when I want to show it to my friends. You can see that few scratches on the top cover, but basically this kind of box is all similar and do good in quality control. Relatively new if compare with the top cover, the specifications of the mi earphone is listing onto the bottom of the box. I did not tear off the tape on the box, and make the box look like a flip box. This actually looks good, but due to some dust stick on the tape. I think it will get dirty after some time when that time comes I will tear off the tape. Actually, this box can really be used as a portable storage box for Xiaomi noise cancelling headphones to bring it everywhere, the box looks cool and easy organize, but after all, each time after each use need to wrap the wire. So it is not suitable for lazy person like me, I prefer to just place the Mi earphone randomly after using it. I think this box is the best fit to the Virgo people. Mi Logo and TiinLab Design Logo in the box look delicate, just 299 Yuan for the Xiaomi noise cancelling headphones, is pretty amazing! One of the reasons I said that the box easily brings it away when doing daily activity is 3 set of Mi earbud that can enable you show off to other. Bag with Mi Logo and TiinLab Design logo in front and back, the quality is good and easy to carry. I like it very much. Interior part of the bag after 4 months usage, please have a look.  

Drawstring, I just notice it today when I write this review, the condition is still very good even in this small details. Put it inside a flannel bag, the quality of the wire is so good and no tangling up problem although each time after use I just put back inside the bag without wrapping. Mi Earbud and the high-grade gasbag bud, there is a few ear wax and I know this is my fault, should I blame on the earphone? Take off the Mi earbud and gasbag bud, you can see that even after 4 months of use, no scratch mark on it and it still looks new. Click like! Please ignore the ear wax on the earphone. This is the environment sound “collector”. The core control unit, Mi logo at front, I use it every day, all of you can assess the condition of the remotes by viewing the picture. Song switching or volume adjustment, you all can view the picture to assess the current conditions of the remote. On/off switch of the Xiaomi noise cancelling earphone, I use it everyday. Please assess the conditions by viewing the picture. Type-C connectors, due to frequently plug in and plug out there are impossible to avoid any traces on it but you still can assess the workmanship of the connectors by viewing this picture. Condition of Remotes and wire after 4 months, just view and assess. Next is the main point, how was the overall performance and sound quality? Selling point of Xiaomi Noise Cancelling Earphone is noise cancelling, and then sound quality. Let us inspect on the performance on noise cancelling before going through sound quality. Headphone noise cancelling is divided into active noise reduction and passive noise reduction Passive noise cancelling: Form a confined space through the headset, isolated from the outside noise. Active noise: The headset collects external ambient sound and adds a reverse sound to cancel the noise during music playback Before discuss about the active noise discussion let us inspect on passive noise cancelling of the Mi earphone. Three different sizes of Mi earbuds that can meet everyone requirement. It is worth mentioning that The oval-shaped Mi earbuds are different from the round shape earbud of the other headphones. Beside the Mi earbuds, there is a gasbag bud along the mi earphone. According to the official statements, the gasbag bud can help on reduce stethoscope effects when jogging, facilitate to place it inside the ear and enhance the ability on passive noise canceling. In 4 month actual use, objectively speaking the gasbag bud easily displace and hard to fix in place. Every time when I take out from the bag, it easily drops to the floor and I rather not use it. For the noise reduction effect, it may work but I really can’t feel it. First, noise canceling 

Then look at the noise reduction effect, I think the laboratory data, third-party evaluation data are just a number, is your feel when using it daily is matters. I just summed up my experiences for the 4 months in use. 

Note: Xiaomi Noise Cancelling Headphones are good in low-frequency noise reduction which means it able to shield some of the ambient sounds, but not all environmental sound.

Environment test in accordance with:

1.1 Subway

Why should the subway be divided into two parts? Because the different types of subway noise are not the same (friction sound between train and track), Shanghai Line 1, the noise is very small, 12 line noise is loud, so I will elaborate on Line 1: 

Cannot hear the noise of the moving of the subway, but the sound of break can hear sometimes, overall no effect on listening experience.

1.2 Subway

Then we talk about the friction sound between the train and the track is large (Shanghai Metro Line 12), and no way to shield the environment noise, the sound is still very obvious, and sometimes even override the music sound. 

Subway Use Environment Suggestions: 

If you often take the train that produces a lot of noise when enter or departure from the station, I will not recommend the use of Xiaomi noise cancelling headphones since the noise cancelling performance is not obvious.

2.Crowded place

If the place is crowded, there will be sparse voice, Xiaomi noise cancelling headphones perform perfectly on isolate the environment noise but if a person stands beside you and talking loudly through phone, actually you still can hear the voice. 

Crowded place use environment suggestion, if you are often going to place that a lot of people and you easily distracted by the noise that around you and feel that hard to focus. You are recommended to buy Xiaomi noise cancelling headphones.

3.Neighbor house renovation

A few days ago, neighbor of my mother-in-law doing house renovation, I tried the Mi earphone and found out that not so good in isolating the noise that produces by the renovation work.  Xiaomi noise cancelling headphones not recommendation for this condition.

4.Use at bus

The voice can be blocked from the ear,  as long as no one shouting, base on your location on the bus, the sound of the arrival to station will obviously decrease and not affect the sound effect of your music. But if you want to hear the name of station, I recommend you to take off the mi earphone.

5.Someone at home listens music from speaker

As long as the volume not too high, you can isolate the music.

6.Jogging:With the Mi in ear earphone, the stethoscope effects occur. But if you jogging at a small resident area, it can block most of the noise.

7.Buggy car

Attention please: Don’t use Xiaomi noise cancelling headphones while driving buggy, otherwise it will make the wind larger and increasing of the noise. Not recommendation to use.

Conclusion for Xiaomi Noise Cancelling Headphones:

Just like what introduce by the company, it is used for low-frequency noise reduction, so the Mi Noise Cancelling headphone cannot completely isolate the ambient noise, it can only help you block the small noise (whispers, mosquito), and reduce the large noise (dog barking, loudly speaking) surrounding you.

Noise Cancelling effect:

To enhance the noise cancelling effect, you can select the appropriate earplugs (not too large), the use of gasbag bud, increase the impact of music, like switching into a strong and dynamic music.

Second, Sound Quality

Test of sound quality is very subjective, and I am not data lover. Just use some common song to test, with 4-month use on variety of music so I think the sound quality is good enough(Test by using Xiaomi Mi Mix 2)


Turn the volume to a larger volume, no noise, clipping, or uncoordinated

2.Sound field, 3D audio effect test:

Test track Aerozone: the sound change around of the subway and the displacement of the electronic music, the distinction between the sound of motorcycles, aircraft and turn the book page is very clear. Overall the 3D sound effect is great!

3.Human Voice Teat

Test track One I Love: female performance delicate, sound of ventilation, and swallowing clearly visible, perfect 

Test track Chinese song “Da Ban Cheng De Gu Niang”(达坂城的姑娘): Male voice low and vigorous, sound of the harmony four clear and variable, perfect

4.Details, resolution:

Test track only my railgun: the sound composition is complicated, the sound of different musical instruments arises one after another like the sound fighting itself. I give 90 points on this

5.Tri-band-Middle frequency

Test tracks Chinese song “Shi Yu”: In fact, most of the earphone that buying at roadside performs well in middle frequency, so I just test as normal, the piano sound smooth and soft, the female sound mellow, clear. perfect

6.Tri-Band-High Frequency

Test track Chinese song“Pian Pian Xi Huan Ni”(偏偏喜欢你): high-frequency sound clear, no distortion, I give 100 points

7.Low Frequency/Sub-woofer

Test track Chinese Song(渡口): The perform of sub-woofer in first three drums not good enough but I do satisfy with the overall performance Test track mass: The bass performance of this song, the rendering is great, the rhythm is also very good. Base of my test listen experience, it matches the basic requirement for low-frequency but the performance of sub-woofer only normal. The wave effect occurs but not strong only barely pass my expectation. Actually the score can be a bit higher but due to a lot of young people have an extraordinary demand on sub-woofer performance and aesthetic bias, so there is a lot of people bad mouth to sound quality of Xiaomi noise cancelling headphones.

Third, the use of compatibility (app default mode)


At first, there is some clipping sound when using music and video app, but this problem barely exists after 4 month in use. There is no more distortion when using Mi app except few of third-party app got minor problem but no effect for normal use.

Is Xiaomi Noise Cancelling Headphones worth to buy: 

Objectively speaking, this is  a very distinctive, cost-effective noise-cancelling earphones, but the weak point is relatively low performance on low-frequency so it is difficult to make a decision, so the following advice just my personal point of view: 

1.To those people who particular on sound quality, they must be owned more than one headset, they will use different headset base on the change of environment (games, travel, on the way to work, study in coffee shop)just an example do you wear headphone when you want to secretly listen song in the classroom? I am sure you can use Xiaomi noise cancelling heaphones in some occasion, so if you are headphones lover or Mi fans and your financial status allow, you should consider to buy it. 

2.If you only need a pair of headphones and want to be fancy function(provided you cell phone supported), in the case you don’t have high expectation to the low-frequency, you can buy a set. 

3.If you think the noise around you made you need to adjust to high volume when listening to music and you afraid of damage to hearing, you are also suitable to buy Mi headphones. But if the noise around you is too large, then I don’t advice you to buy since Xiaomi noise cancellling headphones are only effective for low-frequency noise cancelling, 

4.If you are audio geeks and who interested in noise cancelling and put quality on first place, I am not recommended to buy this mi earphone. 

5.Some people may argue that why not noise cancelling on all frequency but I think this is very subjective and totally noise cancelling on all frequency also not safe. 

6.For motorcyclist and sporting people also not recommended to buy since the stethoscope effects are quite obvious. The sound of the wind when you riding also become larger if using Xiaomi noise cancelling headphones. I think when you involve in this activity is it better you know what happens around you. Here is the best deal you can find online.

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  1. I am using this headphone on my Mi A1 phone. I feel sound is very good when I run Poweramp App in background. I primarily purchased this headphone to tap benefits of Type C USB port. otherwise 3.5 audio jack is already present in Mi A1 phone (It is not there in Mi Mix 2 and probable Mi6). Mi A1 has some notable audio features such as a dedicated headphone amplifier with support for electrical resistance up to 600Ω. For its speakers, the Mi A1 also features a 10V power amplifier which is said to push deeper lows and higher volume. DHS Audio calibration, standalone audio amplifier. The Mi A1 is also equipped with DHS Audio Calibration Algorithm for an enhanced audio experience on headphones and speakers. However I also observed that I could not customise headphones control buttons. Besides it is difficult to attribute great sound effects to this headphones or DIRAC sound technology built in side Mi A1 or Poweramp App. Reviewers comments are most welcome.

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