Infinite flip, simple and stylish appearance, compact and portable — Xiaomi toy block

Today I would like to introduce an upgraded version of the MITU Block Robot ~ Xiaomi Mitu builder block. Get it the cheapest here!

Xiaomi toy block Material: ABS

Xiaomi toy block weight: 50g

Xiaomi toy block size: 103 * 71 * 26mm

Xiaomi toy block Price: 9.9 yuan

Xiaomi Mitu builder block picture is printed at the front of the packaging box with light blue color as a background color, the text is written in dark gray color.


Xiaomi Mitu builder block is manufactured by Beijing AIQI Technology Co.,Ltd. (Mi eco-chain enterprise), note that it must be careful to use, contains small parts, there is a risk of choking, children under 3 years of age are forbidden to use or play, it is suitable for 14 years and older, you can have fun for your casual time with this infinite flip and finger spinner toy.


Just tear it to the end to open the box and have fun.


Packing list: building blocks ( 16 +8 +4 +4 +1 ) Xiaomi Mitu builder block user manual.


Xiaomi Mitu builder block with zero draft technology, modal accuracy up to 0.005mm, which make it has smooth corner and fluent movements. The feeling is so good that you just want to flip it all the time.

Xiaomi Mitu builder block with three-color design – gray, white, orange, combination of elegant gray-white blocks and bright orange components, simple design but it is truly a feast for the eyes.


Starting to assembly, one at left and one at right, clip one in the middle, if make a mistake can remove it with a dismantling device. It is one more black components. In fact, there is an additional connector for the black components.

Build large components, pay attention to the direction, let get everything in position at a time.


Completed in assembling large, pay attention to the placement of the last 12 accessories in order.

Xiaomi toy block is compact and portable, easy to carry. Can be easily kept in a pocket or backpack, allowing you to play it anytime and anywhere.

Xiaomi toy block with a simple appearance and exquisite structure, you can fully feel the fun when you flip and rotate it with your fingers. Every time you rotate it will accompany by the crisp sound of the collision between the blocks that will make you more creative, take you away from anxiety and tension.

Xiaomi toy block should put away from heat source, fire or place that temperature above 60 ℃. 

No matter how you place the Xiaomi Mitu builder block, it looks nice anyway. This is posing 1.


This is posing 2


This is posing 3


It is so exquisite in all angle and after you play, you can put into the box, covered it and store it properly.


It is worth to mention that, Xiaomi Mitu builder block can match with accessories of MITU blocks robot, so you can realize your creativity and build your exclusive item with this building blocks. Here is the best deal you can find online!

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