Xiaomi Mijia Sports Shoes Version 4.0 Unboxing

Xiaomi Mijia Sports Shoes Version 4.0 Unboxing

Its refreshing to see another whole new design from Xiaomi this time and I have been wearing their sports shoes since their first collaboration with Li Ning.

On its 4th iteration, they step up on the design category, while maintaining a plain brown box nonetheless.

I love the new feel and the color looks nice, imagine the college days of Michael Jordan Tar Heels Light Blue colors mixed with his Chicago Bulls Red is quite nostalgic. I grew up watching his airness dominate the NBA and having this kind of color is priceless. I can really say that hey the only lacking is the Air Jordan logo on this one.

The shoes feel comfy on the feet and the only problem is it gets dirty so fast when splashed with well, dirty water or mud.

The grip is nice and I have tried it on a wooden court, it has pretty strong grip on the floor.

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