WiFi amplifier, if I not wrong is invented by Xiaomi, at first it is only a USB powered small devices that effectively emplify the signal strength of the WiFi. It can be said that it is extremely convenient for consumers that you only a little cost to amplify WiFi coverage area. As first generation of Xiaomi Mi WiFi amplifier has gloriously retired, let’s take a look at his successor Xiaomi Mi WiFi amplifier 2, and the improvement it makes. Get the cheapest price here!


Basically it using similar type packaging, it is still a transparent plastic bag with the manual at back.


It is a continuation of the first generation design, with white body and Xiaomi logo, indicator and reset hole at the front. The biggest difference if compared to Xiaomi Mi Wifi Amplifier is increasing the built-in antenna from one to two, so the transfer rate increase from 150Mbps to 300Mbps, which reached the transfer rate of the main router.


The WiFi+ logo at back, clearly stated that Xiaomi Mi Wifi Amplifier 2 is used to amplify the WiFi signal. This device should be placed at the edge of signal range of main router, with Xiaomi Wifi amplifier 2, it can amplify the WiFi signals to farthest place. No matter how big the room is and even use it at the multi-floor of the hotel, you can still make it cover the WiFi signal with installation of multiple WiFi amplifier. You can extend the WiFi signal infinitely through it.


You can notice the device is thinner and lighter by viewing from the side. Xiaomi WiFi amplifier 2, enables up to 16 devices connected at once, so practically not suitable to use at hotel (places such as hotel should use routers to expand the WiFi range).


Streamlined design, gentle and white color, suitable for any kind of home style. You can see a concave Mi logo on top.


It is just like the first generation Xiaomi Wifi Amplifier, the reset hole and indicator light is placed at the bottom.


Thinner side, with printed product parameters on it. The joint part is connected with ultrasonic welding techniques, to make it more solid.


USB interface that can rotate 180 degrees that after tens of thousands tests. Flexible rotation design, so you can install the Xiaomi Mi Wifi Amplifier more conveniently.



Look at the comparison picture of this two products, the above is Xiaomi Wifi Amplifier, the following is Xiaomi Wifi Amplifier 2. The overall design has not changed. The second generation looks shorter and wider, it may be due to increase from one to two built-in antenna.


If you looking from the side, Xiaomi Mi Wifi Amplifier really looks thinner.


Just like the first generation, it uses 180 degree angle rotation USB interface.


It is easy to use, if you have Mi router with USB port, then you just need to plug in the Xiaomi Mi WiFi amplifier 2 to the back of Mi router, and it will automatically be configured the setting according to Mi router. When the indicator turns into blue light, unplug it and you can insert it into any USB power supply port and configure it by using Mi Home or Mi WiFi App. For the Mi router that does not have USB port and other brands, you need to configure it manually.


Open Mi Home App, the system will automatically detect new equipment, when new equipment is detected, follow the steps, and after one minute it will show connect successfully. You can view the number of devices connected to the Xiaomi Mi WiFi amplifier 2 at the App function. You can set the display name of the amplified WiFi signal, you can also start WiFi roaming, and set to the same name as the main router. It will use the same password of main router.


After the connection is successful, the indicator light will turn blue.


180 ° rotation design is very convenient, the Xiaomi Mi Wifi Amplifier 2 can point in any direction.


Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier 2 is a very useful gadget, it can assist you whether at home or in the company. Xiaomi Amplifier 2 already supports 300Mps transmission speed, completely the same as the main route, for the friends who still using the first generation, you should change it to a new one, this gadget is worth to recommend. Here is the best deal you can find online!


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