Winter is coming. For the sake of keeping warm in the room, it is often necessary to turn on the air conditioner or the heater. This also causes the indoor environment to become dry and causing discomfort in throat and nose. Temperature and relative humidity are two important factors affecting body comfort. Therefore, it is necessary to equipped indoor temperature and humidity monitoring equipment as a reference to change the indoor temperature and humidity. Today, I would like to introduce a new Xiaomi product for everyone: Xiaomi Mi Smart Temperature And Humidity Sensor. Get it the cheapest here!


Xiaomi Mi Smart Temperature And Humidity Sensor packaging box are made of rigid transparent plastic material, and now this kind of packaging style also widely applied in the Xiaomi Bluetooth products. Looked from the front of the package, it is a bit like a bedside electronic alarm clock. The parameters of the products were printed on the back of the product, the product size is 60.8 * 60.8 * 22.5mm, but currently only a white models available.



Open the package, remove the inner box, Xiaomi temperature and humidity sensor is inlaid in the box. When you open the inner box, you can find all the item inside which including hygrothermograph meter, wall sticker, manual and a ZI7 battery.



Xiaomi temperature humidity sensor is in a cylindrical shape, the most eye-catching part of the front is an LCD display screen that around 4-5 inch, it is almost occupying 80 percent of the front. The plastic shell is in white color and there is a small hole near the central position and at the bottom, and my best guess these may be where the temperature and humidity sensor located.


The upper part at the back is a groove structure that is used to paste with the wall sticker; while battery compartment is in the middle. There is a gray button with Bluetooth logo in the center of the lower part, which is used to connect Mi Home APP .


Open the battery compartment, insert the ZI7 battery and the Xiaomi temperature humidity sensor will be starting to work instantly, it will show you the reading of the temperature and relative humidity, you hardly feel there is a process of initialization.


While the Xiaomi mi smart temperature and humidity meter start operating, the working status display at the screens including Bluetooth connection status, remaining battery, temperature (degrees Celsius), humidity reading. You all can see from the figure below, the status shows on the screen is very clear, you can understand the key information easily.


Wall stickers (circular projecting portion) is almost the same size as the xiaomi temperature and humidity sensor, the center of the wall sticker is attached a rectangular piece of 3M double sided tape, which easily sticks the device to the wall or furniture. The front of the wall sticker has a curved, rounded, protruding structure that contains a magnet that can firmly hold the Xiaomi temperature humidity sensor to it. I like this kind of split-type design, it is easy for you to adjust the location of the Xiaomi hygrothermograph meter in future, because you just need to deal with the wall sticker and the xiaomi temperature humidity sensor can always be clean.



The following I will be connecting the Xiaomi temperature humidity sensor to the Mi Home App: Activate Bluetooth on your mobile phone, enter the Mi Home APP , click on the “+” at the upper right corner and it should have been scanned to the new device Xiaomi mi smart temperature and humidity sensor now (if not, you can click the ” Add manually ” option), please follow to the prompts, long press the Bluetooth button on the back for 2 seconds, it will automatically start the connection. 

After the connection is successful, you can view the temperature and humidity information on the Mi Home APP, the connection process is simple and quick, it is easy to use.


Because this Xiaomi temperature and humidity sensor does not have a WiFi module and can not interact with the Mi multi-functional gateway, it can not remotely view the real-time hygrothermograph meter readings. It also not supported personalized of the measurement unit of temperature and the content display on the screen. 


The positioning of Xiaomi mi smart temperature and humidity sensor is mainly let you know about the temperature and relative humidity readings instantly. Of course, it can also be connected to the Mi Home APP to interact with other smart appliances, overall it can be regarded as a complementary smart home product. Now, this product is priced at 69 yuan, friends who interested can have a look at it. Here is the best deal you can find online!


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