Xiaomi Mi Power Strip Converter | Transform Traditional Wall Socket to Power Strip

After the New Year’s Day in 2018, there is three type Xiomi Mi power strip hit store shelves by Mijia —– Xiaomi power strip 3AC basic, Xiaomi Mi power strip converter and power strip 4AC with 4 individual control. And Xiaomi Mi power strip converter let the traditional wall plug transform to the power strip. These three power strips are Qing Mi Technology Co., Ltd. Products. Qing Mi Technology Co., Ltd. is Mi eco-chain enterprise that specializes in smart home product R&D. The company owns the “Qing Mi KINGMI” brand, and their main products including Xiaomi smart power strip converter, smart power adapter, smart power detection and measurement products, intelligent indoor environment inspection and etc.

▶▶ Today, please allow me to do a user review of Xiaomi Mi power Strip converter. Without further ado, let’s have a look at it! Get it the cheapest here

▼ Packed with a transparent plastic box, similar to Xiaomi 20000ma power bank packaging. The inside of the package is divided into 2 parts, the upper part is Xiaomi Mi power Strip converter and the lower part is the light gray long strip carton. Do not underestimate this carton, which contains the Xiaomi power strip converter and product manual. The back of the carton is the product parameter and the barcode.


▼Tear the plastic packing box, you can see clearly that the Xiaomi power strip converter is covered with plastic film on the side. Of course, you only need to lift it up gently, and you can bring out the Xiaomi power socket converter.


▼ As always, let you have a look at product family photo. The packing list is as follows: the Xiaomi Mi power strip converter, the product manual, and light gray carton.


▼ The front of the Xiaomi power socket converter, from left to right is a protection switch, 2 international connectors, and 2 USB ports.


▼ This switch is in three-in-one function, the biggest role is giving surge protection that caused by voltage spikes due to the abnormalities of electrical equipment. In the case of power overload, the temperature of the memory metal inside the switch will be increased, and the metal will bounce to play a protective role. If it is too tight, it will lead to memory metal can not bounce, so it is normal for the switch is loosen.


▼ 2 USB ports, which can charge common household devices and adapt to different devices at the same time, supporting 5V 2A fast charge.


▼ Two International connectors on the Xiaomi Mi power strip converter are equipped with child safety features to protect children. The fingers are hard to insert into the connectors, but the plug can easily plugin!


▼ On the back of the Mi power strip converter, three pins are in the middle, and each corner has a silicone anti-slip mat. At the same time, the following words are printed on the bottom: the Mijia logo, the name of the product, Xiaomi power strip converter (including two USB2A quick charges), the product parameters, etc.


▼ Now let’s look at the effect of the normal use of the Xiaomi Mi power strip converter, just gently plug in the wall. Then, you just need to press the switch and power indicator light will turn on, and you can use it to supply power to four kinds of electrical appliances.

▼ Next, look at the work of the USB port, for the regular user of Mi USB portable LED light, now only need to plug in the light, press the switch and you can use as long as you want.


▶▶ Appearance analysis: the entire product is slightly bigger than the palm, the shape is very stylish, and just like a piece of art when you place it at home.

▶▶ Workmanship analysis: high-quality PC material, all components have added a strong flame retardant composition, flame retardant temperature up to 750 ℃, very effective in preventing fire hazards!

▶▶ Practical analysis: no wire, just plug into the wall socket with the three pins at the back; USB port supports 5V-2.1A output to meet most of our ordinary use!

▶▶ Personal advice:
Xiaomi Mi power strip converter does not have wire, just plug into the wall socket with the three pins at the back. Personally, hope that the pins can move from middle to one of the edges and allow it to rotate so that user can plug in the device more flexible without affecting the connectors or switch button, and enable the maximum use of space.

▶▶ In short, Xiaomi Mi power strip converter, support 2A fast charge. It is very convenient and easy to use, workmanship and appearance much better than the Bulls brands and not mention the USB port support fast charge. I really want to give it a big like. Here is the best deal you can find online

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