Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12.5 | Thin But With Elegant Looks And Outstanding Performance

In July 2017, Xiaomi launched a new Mi notebook Air in its new products released ceremony and the product comes in two version, which is Xiaomi Mi notebook air 12.5 inches and 13.3 inches respectively. The ultra-thin design, all-metal body, cost-effective, and other characteristics make it reenergize the long inactive-market of personal notebook soon after the product launched. Today, I will take you to look at the magazine-sized Xiaomi Air 12 that makes it easy to meet the multimedia needs of your office and entertainment. Get the cheapest mi notebook air price here!


I am impressed by the low-key features of the xiaomi air 12 in my first glance. The simple white packaging design with the image of the product printed on it, so that you can sense that how thin was the Xiaomi air 12. Besides that, the hard paper box that uses as a packaging box is quite solid and the side printed with words Mi notebook.


When I opened the box, the elegant look of Xiaomi Mi notebook air 12.5 makes me surprised that it is not like a classical high-end notebook style, as if it were a piece of cut steel plate or a whole piece of a metal mouse pad. Inside of the package was built into a black sponge in order to prevent damage in transit.



After opening the box, you will see the accessories bag with Mi LOGO, neatly placed power adapter. This notebook is produced by Mi eco-chain enterprise Timi Personal Computing Co. Ltd.



Xiaomi Mi notebook air 12.5 uses a USB-C power adapter port, supports 1C fast charging and can reach 50% after 30 minutes charging, while the full-featured USB-C port on the right side of the body can achieve 5Gb/s transmission speed, support for charging, data transmission and video output.



The full-featured USB-C port can expand the number of interfaces and enrich the interface types after optional USB-C to HDMI and other multi-functional adapters. All kinds of accessories are sold at the moderate price but reliable quality here.



Again see the other interface of the body, due to the ultra-thin body, so the number of interfaces will be compromised, both sides of the body have full-featured USB-C x 1, USB 3.0 port x 1,5Gb/s transmission speed, full-size HDMI connector x 1, 3.5mm headphone-microphone jack.



In the overall size of the body, xiaomi air 12, with length 292mm, width: 202mm, thin 12.9mm, light: 1.07kg, and it is an all-metal phone with integrated solid color design, the lid can open up to 135 degrees. However, you can still easily turn on the screen with one hand.



Talk about the keyboard, Xiaomi Mi notebook Air 12.5 inch version adopted a full-size backlit keyboard, very cool to use at night, 1.3mm keyway, 3nit brightness, also equipped with a glass touchpad for precise cursor control and multi-finger gesture control.



It is worth mentioning about the screen and audio configuration of Xiaomi air 12. The screen adopts a full bonding technology, achieving a 12.5″ full HD screen with a 5.71mm ultra-narrow bezel, 78.6% of screen-to-body ratio, and a resolution of 1920. X1080 (176 ppi). While the audio, using AKG special custom grade dual speakers, with professional-grade speaker unit, and specially tuned Dolby AudioTM Premium, which supports for computer and headset surround sound effects, so that overall user experience is stunning.



In terms of specific parameters, I will no longer be discussed in detail, because you can easily get it from the official website. One point that needs to be specially explained is that compared with other products, Xiaomi air 12 has specially reserved SSD cards slots, which can expand the capacity of hard disks. Beside varieties accessories that can be found here with a good price, you can also find a sleeve case that suits you, so that you can carry it as convenient as a magazine.



I conclude Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12.5-inch version of the all-metal body, ultra-thin design, full-fit ultra-narrow bezel, and custom speaker. It really fulfills my needs in processing office documents, audio and video entertainment, portability, and other aspects. Of course, Mi notebooks come in a variety of sizes and hardware configurations. Whether it’s game entertainment, video production or business office needs, there is always one that meets your requirements. What’s more important is the super performance to price ratio and excellent quality control. You can rest assured its quality and feel free to choose. Here is the best deal you can find online.




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