▶▶ Do you still remember Xiaomi first-generation Bluetooth speaker – small steel gun? With a compact body, good sound quality and manage to maintain a cost-effective price! The upgrade and iteration of the Xiaomi square box series can only be realized by this kind of perseverance! Speaking of today’s protagonist – Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speakers 2, it is really better than the first generation, not only is reflected in the details of the workmanship, it is also enhancement on the sound quality and the innovation in terms of functional parameters. So let see, how it perform in actual use? Get it the cheapest here!

▶▶ Today, I would like to take the initiative to do comparative reviews on Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker 2 with the Xiaomi square box Bluetooth speaker 1. Without further ado, let’s have a look at it!



▼ Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speakers 2 using standard Xiaomi packaging style, a compact white box with a product’s image at front and MI LOGO in the middle on the side.


▼ The back of the box printed product specifications, such as the use of Bluetooth 4.2 technology, the working distance less than or equal to 10M, speaker impedance 3Ω, built-in lithium battery, speaker output power 2.5W * 2.In addition, SN and UPC codes are affixed to the lower right corner. The manufacturer is still Mi eco-chain enterprise Beijing Yuemi Technology Co., Ltd.


▼ Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speakers 2 using the left and right drawer type structure packaging box, you can see the white box body, the front of the design using pinhole type, grinding aluminum alloy in the frame, the inside chamfer embedded in the highlighted outer edge. The overall size of the official data is 154.5mm × 60mm x 25.5mm, with a weight of 155 grams.



▼ As always, send the Xiaomi square box Bluetooth speakers 2 family portrait, as shown below:


▼ The bottom of the square box speaker is printed with the parameters and names of the product, the most conspicuous is the two broad rubber base, which can effectively eliminate the resonance noise in the box vibration and increase the friction and stability of the bottom of the aluminum frame!


▼ The functional button at the top is more user-friendly compared to the previous one at side, you can easily press it with one hand, Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speakers 2 also has a built-in microphone which supports the call function after mobile device connected. When receiving an incoming call, you can choose to answer or hang up by pressing the power button, so you will not miss a single call when listening to a music!


▼ Take a look at the back, in addition to the standard USB port also added AUX port. Here you need a popular science, the AUX port can be played through the audio line with the device with standard AUX port (such as computers, mobile phones, MP3 players, etc.). In short, compared with first-generation Xiaomi square box, besides connected to the Bluetooth device, it also can be connected to the devices with a cable.


How to use:
▼ First, activate the phone’s Bluetooth, then open the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker 2, for initial pairing you need to long press the power button for 3 seconds, it will automatically enter the search mode after power on, and the LED indicator on the front side near the bottom is red and blue blinking light. Next, enter 【Bluetooth】 on the mobile phone and wait for the matching prompt, find 【XMFHZ02】 and click to match. 

▼ Finally, click [Pairing] and you will be heard a beep on the Xiaomi square box speaker, indicating that the phone has been connected successfully, and the speaker LED will turn blue. 

② Appearance Comparison:
▼ Compared to Xiaomi square box Bluetooth speaker 1, Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speakers 2 milky white honeycomb front panel is doing fine workmanship, on the one hand remove the front MI logo. Thus ensuring the front looks appear introverted; on the other hand, overall size slightly reduced. Finally, carefully observe the front panel of the two speakers, you can see the second Generation compared to the first generation, volume radiation round hole from the middle to the periphery from big to small. Obviously, the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker 2 adopts the transition processing technology, so it looks very exquisite.


▼ Viewed from the side, compared to the first generation the second generation reduce the boot button and charging jack, to maintain symmetry so that it appears concise beautiful coordination.


▼ Look at the bottom of the aluminum frame, all with 2 rubber bases, compared to the first generation, Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker 2 appears more spacious.


▼ Finally look at the back, it is worth mentioning that Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker 2 is adding AUX port compared to the first generation, eliminating the new device Bluetooth pairing operation, enable those which do not have a Bluetooth player, such as mp3 to connect to the speaker. In short, the second generation enables to connect to the device by cable, so even the device which does not have Bluetooth can play the music. This is certainly advantage compared to the first generation.


How to use AUX port?
You can enter the external playing mode by inserting a dual-head 3.5 mm audio jack simultaneously to the headphone jack and AUX port in Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker 2 

③ Performance Comparison:
▶▶ Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker 2 with built-in lithium polymer battery, adopt latest Bluetooth 4.2 standard, the signal is more stable, better compatibility and lower power consumption than the Xiaomi square box Bluetooth speaker 1. About playback up to 10 hours(official data), I personally tested normal use 10 hours no problem. Regarding effective distance is about equal to 10m (official data), I tried to distance from 8-9m which seems quite reliable. It is worth mentioning that, the second generation is adding AUX port, so even device without Bluetooth can also play after connected the speaker with cable. 

④ Sound quality comparison:
▶▶ Compared to the first generation, Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker 2 continues adopted the dynamic and balanced armature dual-sound unit. The middle of the left and right channels is equipped with a passive radiator. The entire external sound quality is remarkable, especially in the mid-frequency performance. In short, the second generation speakers can be strong and powerful in such a compact body, and its sound is remarkable when playing low-bass songs! 

Whether the appearance, performance or sound quality, it is done remarkably well. If can add another card slot on selling price 129 yuan for generation 3, it certainly will become more popular. In general, Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker 2 is highly recommended to buy, really stronger than the first generation! Here is the best deal you can find online!


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