Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro – HANDS ON & FIRST LOOK

Hands-on with the Xiaomi mi 10 launched in China today. The international launch will be in a couple of weeks time. This is Xiaomi’s main flagship phone and it’s got a host of upgrades in pretty much every department, a new design, a new camera set up and the brand-new snapdragon 865. Let’s see what we got.

The eagerly anticipated Xiaomi mi 10, this is actually the mi 10 Pro. Xiaomi released 2 phones in the series today. We do have a quick look at the me 10 phones but this review is predominantly to do with the Xiaomi mi 10 Pro. Xiaomi are going for a curved screen this time around and the Xiaomi Mi pro has a slightly enhanced AMOLED screen as opposed to the non pro version.

First impressions though on this screen and on the design are so good. I really like the design. I like the way Xiaomi have put this together. The Mi pro versions have this matte finish as you can see, which I personally prefer. I think it looks really great. I do prefer the matte finish on the back of the Mi pro, which looks really superb although the two phones look very similar.

They have some slightly different internals that basically come down to a slightly different screen. It’s better on the Xiaomi Mi pro, obviously a slightly better camera on the Mi pro and better charging specs. They both have a snapdragon 865 though the screen on the mi 10 pro is a 90 Hertz refresh rate AMOLED panel that they say they have enhanced for much better color reproduction. It has HDR 10 + DCI p3 color gamut and the peak brightness goes up to 800 nits. The specs though don’t really do it justice, it is a really great looking screen.

Comparing this to the Xiaomi mi 9, it is really uncommitted such a big step up from that screen. The bezels are way smaller than I thought they would be. The color reproduction is really good. The curve on the screen on both models really quite subtle. It’s definitely not one of the bigger type of curves that we usually get certainly not a waterfall type screen either. I think when it comes to the cutout as well, Xiaomi did a pretty good job of just keeping it as small as possible. The Xiaomi mi 10 Pro has always been known for a modern type of design. They didn’t used any pop-ups in this series, so the front camera had to be within the screen and we are in the age of the cutout.

The Xiaomi mi 10 pro has 50 watt wired charging that’s a really good spec. 30 watt wireless charging is an even better spec for me personally. It also has 10 watt reverse charging if you want to use. All of the leaks that we were getting out before the launch were pointing towards a 65 watt fast charging solution in the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. Xiaomi are putting a 65 watt charger in the box but the Mi 10 Pro only charges at 50 watts. They said it was because they wanted to do us a favor and have a quick charging in the box that we can use with our other gadgets. Reading into that we can assume Xiaomi just couldn’t work out the heating issues with the super quick charging and so decided to turn it down to 50 watts before the launch.

No headphone jack in this phone but we do get stereo speakers. Coming to the camera which I’m sure a lot of you are interested in a 108 megapixel. Main image sensor a 20 megapixel, while ultra wide camera a 12 megapixel. 2x lens which doubles as a portrait lens and then an 8 megapixel what they call hybrid 10x zoom. It’s about a 3 or 4 X optical zoom that they then crop into to give some extra zoom range.

Come back if you do want to see the camera tests, the full reviews and the speed tests against other phones. They will be happening very soon but first impressions are incredibly good. I took some quick snaps in the building obviously this isn’t a camera test or a view but overall I was pretty impressed by how quickly it flicked through the different focal lengths. Xiaomi said that even in 108 megapixel mode, taking a camera is super quick. There’s no loading time or processing time and that is definitely true. It is really snappy even in 108 megapixel mode. There isn’t really much difference between that mode and the normal mode. Another crazy thing about the 108 megapixel mode is just how far into the picture you can crop in without losing detail. You almost don’t even need a zoom lens because you can crop into these 108 megapixel images and it is still so sharp. We did see this on the mi notes 10 which used a mid-range processor. Super excited to see not just photos but the video out of this camera in conjunction with the brand new flagship snapdragon 865.

For all thelatest tech news that’s it for now but I’ll show you in the next review