Xiaomi launched the Mi Charger 33W for 69 yuan

Chinese giant Xiaomi is doing well in the smartphone market. However, it does not limit itself to smartphones and also manufactures their accessories. Recently, Xiaomi has quietly added the Mi Charger 33W to its products. The charger also supports Xiaomi’s proprietary charging protocol with 11V / 3A / 33W power and PD magic output. So far, Xiaomi fast charging protocol has different degrees such as 65W, 40W 33W, 30W, 27W, 22.5W and so on. All of these solutions support the Mi ChargeTurbo and are a USB-A interface.

The beauty of a powerful charger is that it can fully charge your phone in the shortest possible time. However, this charger does not work for all 33 W smartphones. To operate at full capacity, your device must support fast charging up to 33W. Xiaomi Mi Charger 33W offers its maximum 33W charging power to phones such as Xiaomi Mi 10, Redmi K30 Pro, Redmi 10X Pro, etc .; Among them, the Redmi K30 Pro, with a 4700 mAh battery, can charge up to 64% in half an hour. It will take about 63 minutes to fully charge this phone.

At the same time, this charger also supports 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V2.25A, 20V1.35A charging specifications. This charger supports intelligent temperature control and can adjust the frequency independently. It is also compatible with AC100-240V wide voltage, which means that it can operate in different areas.

The Xiaomi Mi 33W Charger supports a wide range of devices. If you have special accessories, this charger can work even better for you. For example, for devices compatible with the USB PD3.0 protocol, if you have a Xiaomi PD data cable, this charger can charge devices such as the Xiaomi iPad, MacBook, and Notebook Air.

Regarding the materials of this device, it should be said that Xiaomi Mi Charger 33W uses a very fire-resistant material. Charger dimensions
28 by 55.4 by 46.8 mm, which is very convenient and portable for everyday use. This charger provides you with a USB-A interface and supports various safety protections such as protection against abnormal apparent resistance, data line encryption protection, spark protection, electromagnetic field protection and more.

The Xiaomi 33W Fast Charger is currently available for purchase on Mi.com and costs just 69 yuan ($ 10).

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