The Mi Home iHealth Thermometer recently debuted at the Mi Mix 2 launch event in China alongside Xiaomi’s latest smartphones. The biggest highlight of the thermometer, priced at ¥129, is its ability to measure body temperature in one second. Although many netizens regarded the device as a living symbol of “Born for You, Burn for MI”, does the iHealth Thermometer truly live up to its promises? And most importantly, is it worth its ¥129 price tag? Let’s dive into our unboxing review and find out.
Xiaomi’s announcement of its three flagship products at the launch event, Mi Pad pro, Mi Mix 2 and Mi Note 3 has garnered much attention. Yet, its brand new Mi Home iHealth Thermometer deserves no less enthusiasm. Many consider the product a true manifestation of “Born for You, Burn for MI”, the brand’s slogan that dates back to 2010. Perhaps the popularity of the iHealth Thermometer already speaks for itself. As the winner of the German iF Design Award 2017, the device has been in short supply since hitting the shelves in September. Get it the cheapest here.

Falling in the medium price range, the¥129 infrared iHealth Thermometer features a one-second readout which competes favorably against traditional mercury thermometers that take up to five minutes to measure temperature. This gives the iHealth Thermometer a clear edge over its rivals in terms of functionality.


Inside the package of the iHealth Thermometer area warranty card, a quick-start guide and a detailed instruction manual alongside the thermometer and two AAA batteries.


The minimalist design of the iHealth Thermometer highlights the classic signature flair of Xiaomi products, creating a device that is not only flattering but also feels good in the hand. It is arguably the most beautiful thermometer on the market today. 

The protective film of the device shows an illustration of the correct measurement location on the forehead. 

Upon removing the film, the glasslike texture of the Mi Home iHealth Thermometer comes alive. Simply press down the sole button on the device to measure your body temperature.


The Mi Home iHealthTheromoter is designed with a 15.5° tilt angle, the best inclination for measuring body temperature while minimizing the possibility of inaccurate readings due to incorrect positioning. This also gives the thermometer a superior touch and feel whether a user is measuring his/her own temperature or someone else’s. A dimension of 137mm by 34mm by 39mm means that the iHealth thermometer weighs merely 90g. Despite its plastic body, the thermometer sports an elegant look and feels comfortable in the hand. 

Another feature of the Mi Home iHealth Thermometer is its embedded German Heimann thermopile sensor that can accurately measure temperature by detecting a person’s infrared energy. Simply hold down the power button and the device will conduct 100 data analyses using a specific algorithm within the next second, ensuring the most accurate temperature reading possible. 

In addition to the thermopile sensor, the Mi Home iHealth Thermometer is also equipped with a room temperature sensor as well as an ambient temperature transmitter which detects temperature changes in the room in real time, minimizing the effects of ambient temperature have on the readings through the use of precise temperature compensation. 

The iHealth Thermometer is powered by two AAA batteries and has a measurement range of 32-42.9℃. It is, however, only capable of detecting human temperature and not the surface temperature of objects. 

Simply point the non-contact thermometer to one’s forehead and the device will vibrate in a second to notify the user that the reading is ready. The accuracy is down to 0.1℃.


In order to cater to international markets, the Mi Home iHealth Thermometer can be set to display temperatures in Fahrenheit. This easy-to-use device feels amazing in the hand, and its ¥129 price point makes the device a very good buy. I would personally recommend this product. Here is the best deal you can find online

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