Xiaomi has launched the Bluetooth Gateway version of the mijia Smart Socket 2

Xiaomi has launched a new product in its domestic market called the Bluetooth Gateway Edition of the mijia Smart Socket 2. As the name implies, this device is an updated version of the Bluetooth gateway smart socket that was launched last year.

The second-generation model is now available through the Xiaomi youpin platform for $ 49 ($ 7) in China. This model is 30 yuan ($ 4) cheaper than the original model.

One of the reasons the newer model is cheaper is that the two USB-A ports on the socket have been removed and now only come with a standard jack. It also has several features and functions, including remote switch, voice-based control, smart connection, power statistics and overload protection and more.

The device connects to sub-devices as a Bluetooth gateway and collects useful data for presentation. The data of all connected devices such as thermostat, smart door lock or any smart home product can be viewed through the Mejia app.

According to Xiaomi, the outer body of the device is made of fireproof material at a high temperature of 750 degrees. Its internal components also use a wave soldering process to ensure quality.

It also comes with features such as a child safety door. The company adds that if users accidentally touch the jack, they will not get electrocuted. There is also the ability to monitor the internal temperature at the moment.

This smart socket turns off automatically when the indoor temperature rises too high. It also supports countdown functionality and allows smart home devices to operate for a predetermined period of time.

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