Xiaomi goes crazy and drives a real car from his latest smartphone

Xiaomi has always been something peculiar when it comes to showing us the great abilities of its smartphones. He already did it by sending his Redmi Note 7 into space and now he has done it by turning the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra into a remote control for a real car .

Demonstrating one of the greatest advantages of 5G that is none other than its low latency , Xiaomi has lost its mind and has turned its Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra into a remote control in order to drive a real car, making it compete in a race circuit.

As we can see in the following video, the low latency offered by the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, thanks to its 5G SA connection, allows you to control the steering of this car with precision and practically without any delay .

Offering a latency of just 1ms , Xiaomi has wanted to reflect this great virtue of 5G by no less than making its remote controlled vehicle compete from the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra against one piloted by a professional pilot.

In short, another crazy test carried out by Xiaomi where it shows us not only the great advantages of 5G, but also the potential of its Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra . Let’s not forget that this is the most advanced of the firm, positioning itself as the most innovative on the market.