Xiaomi does it again and the POCO X3 becomes Amazon s most desired smartphone

" Xiaomi has done it again " or " so yes, Xiaomi ", are some of the phrases that many of us have heard after the presentation of the new POCO X3 NFC , a terminal that has captivated many and that has also become the smartphone most wanted from Amazon .

And, after going on sale yesterday, the POCO X3 NFC has become Amazon’s best-selling smartphone . What’s more, its first units for sale have disappeared for its cheapest variant, which was sold on sale for just 199 euros.

Right now, if we want to acquire the POCO X3 NFC from Amazon we can only do it in its variant of 128GB of storage. This is sold for 249 euros and will remain that way until next September 20 when its price will be 269 euros.