When we decide which type of in-ear headphones, it is always the sound quality that the first priority but beside the sound quality, to listen in comfort also is essential for the headphones. After experiencing the Mi In-ear headphones and Mi In-ear headphones Pro, it is undeniable that these two headphones did a good job in workmanship and sound quality, but there is a small problem that it is not so comfortable if need to wearing it for a long time. After all, the focus of these two headphones is sound quality and sound effects. When choosing headphones, and your priorities are comfortable to wear and affordable prices, if you do not have high requirements for the sound quality, then Xiaomi Capsule Earphone is the answer for you. By provide the comfortably listen to experience, it is any compromise on sound quality and appearance? And how was the overall performance of this headphones? With these two questions in mind, let us inspect the performance of Xiaomi Mi Capsule Earphones. Get the cheapest price here!



▲ The packaging box is still in white. Since the accessories are not much, so a small packaging box is more than enough. At the front of the box, it discontinuation of printed real picture on it but replace it with a simple grey line sketched Xiaomi Capsules Earphones logo.


▲The upper part at the back of the box is a hanging round hole for hanging on the shelves at the store for sale. The bottom is the printed parameters of Mi capsule earphone information: Model JNEJ01JY, headphones type in-ear, speaker impedance of 32 ohm, product weight 14g, cable length 1.25m, plug type 3.5mm gold-plated jack, rated power 5mW, and the manufacturer is still the exclusive manufacturer of Mi headphones, Xiaomi eco-chain enterprise 1more Inc.



▲The top of the box printed Xiaomi company logo. Since Xiaomi capsule earphones are sold in Taiwan, the product description of traditional Chinese is printed on the side of the box and basically, the content is similar to the product introductions to the back. The 1MORE DESIGN logo at the bottom has corresponded to the Mi logo at the top, it is a symmetrical design that indicates the manufacturer of the Xiaomi mi capsule earphone.


▲Due to the constraints of the cost, it does not come with storage box like Mi In-ear headphones, Xiaomi capsules earphones just embedded in the hard cardboard inside the packaging box. After pressing the cardboard, I find that It is quite solid, so it can give some protection for the headphones.


▲ Full views in the box. You can find headphones, how to wear instruction card and manual inside the box.


▲How to wear instruction card shows you how to correctly wear the Xiaomi capsule earphones and two typical mistakes with the right headphones as an example. You need to distinguish between left and right of the headphones and wear it according to the correct way.


▲In the manual, it provides the detailed description of the headphones button on Xiaomi mobile phones and Apple phone, and it is also introduced a correct way to wear the Mi caspsule headphones like the how to wear instruction card. Three guarantees of the product are applied within the prescribed time.



▲ Taking into account the black models more dirt-resistant. So I am buying a black one. Currently, there are black and white models sales in Mi Store, the white model looks plain and simple.



▲ Xiaomi Capsule earphone button is divided into three sections, top and bottom are increase and decrease volume button. If you receive a call, short press middle button to answer, repress again to mute it and long press for reject or hang up the call. When playing the music, short press middle button to pause, and press again to play. The microphone is in the middle of the back of the button.


▲ Xiaomi Mi earphone with 3.5mm gold-plated jack, to provide gold-plated jack at this price is indeed very kind. For mobile phones which remove headphone jack, it still can be using these headphones through the Mi Bluetooth audio receiver as an intermediary. As Mi Bluetooth audio receiver is in white color, so I recommend to used white color headphones to make it looks unified with Mi Bluetooth audio receiver.



▲ Headphone cable affixed quality control label if tearing off will not provide an after-sales warranty. Due to frequent use and storage may damage the label, it is recommended to take off the label gently once you get the Xiaomi capsule earphone.



▲ Not like the Mi In-ear headphones that come with few size of earbuds cover, Xiaomi Capsules earphones only come with one standard size earbud cover, so it needs to take off the cover regularly to clean, to make sure it is hygiene.


▲The Mi earbuds consist of three parts, which is earbud cover, back chamber and silver metal ring. Metal ring printed with words Piston Air. The sound chamber is covered with a black translucent soft rubber sleeve which can vaguely see the interior of the chamber through the soft rubber sleeve and increase the sense of mystery.


▲ There are L and R printed on metal rings to help you distinguish between left and right, you can use it to determine the correct side when you wear it.After using for some time, you can quickly distinguish the left and right by the orientation of earbuds, earbuds cove hole always faces the ear hole.


▲Xiaomi capsule earphone and Mi In-ear headphones Pro is contrast, one is brisk and another with a sense of metal and brave, each has its own characteristics, so it depends on personal preferences which one is better.




Sounds quality: When I first try the Xiaomi capsule earphones, I feel the sound is not so authentic and the fidelity is poorer than Mi In-ear headphones. After some time, the sound improves but the performance on middle and high frequency needs to be adjusted.

Comfortable: Headphones are very lightweight, hardly feel anything when wearing it, even long time wearing still feel comfortable, the soundproof effect is very good, suitable for use in noisy environments.


If you have a high expectation of the comfort when wearing, then Xiao capsule earphones can meet the requirements, or even beyond your expectation. But if your priority is sound quality and you can compromise some comfortably, then Mi In-ear headphone is definitely your choices. Here is the best deal you can find online!

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