Xiaomi begins to detail the first features of the Redmi K40 Pro

During yesterday the Keynote feature that Apple usually performs on these dates took place. Although we did not know the new iPhone 12, if the presentation of the new iPad 4 Air took place , which will share some other details with the next Redmi K40 .

And it is that, Lu Weibing, current CEO of Redmi as well as president of Xiaomi in China, has begun to talk about this new Apple tablet, making special mention of its processor, which is manufactured in 5nm .

Specifically, the Xiaomi manager together with the head of Xiaomi production have announced that we will soon know new products that will also use a processor with this same feature , being the most likely that it is the expected Snapdragon 875 whose presentation could take place at the end of year.

Xiaomi begins to detail the first characteristics of the Redmi K40. News Xiaomi

Post made on Weibo by Lu Weibing.

In this way, it would be expected that the next Redmi K40 or rather the Redmi K40 Pro , which has already begun to be rumored, makes use of the next high-end processor from Qualcomm, which would also be developed in a manufacturing process. of 5nm.

Likewise, the most logical thing would be to think that Xiaomi Mi 11 itself will also make use of this same processor, also becoming the first smartphone of the company to integrate the expected under-screen selfie camera technology.

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