Xiaomi announces reaching a new record that will enhance wireless charging

In the last year, Xiaomi has tried to equate the power of wireless charging to the power of wired systems. An ambitious purpose that currently stands at a wireless charging power of 50W and that has already been surpassed as confirmed by the firm itself.

Although the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra already managed to mark a before and after with regard to wireless charging, Xiaomi announced today that it has achieved a new record that will place the charging speed of wireless systems one notch per above the current one.

Through the advertising poster that we can see below, Xiaomi quotes us this October 19 to publicize its new wireless charging system that will exceed 50W , reaching at least 60W of power.

Xiaomi announces that it has reached a new record that will revolutionize wireless charging. News Xiaomi

According to Xiaomi, this new wireless charging technology will not only stand out for its high charging power, but also for implementing new protection mechanisms in order to improve the stability of the charge.

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In short, it will be tomorrow when Xiaomi shows us in great detail this new wireless charging technology that promises to become the fastest on the market, being able to debut together with the Xiaomi Mi 11 that is expected in early 2021.

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