You can smell the haze at the northern come along with the cool air. The winter in the north, the sky is always gray, even in daylight you can hardly have a clear vision on the road. Since nothing much we can do to improve outdoor air condition, what we can do is keep the indoor air as fresh as we can, and air purifier is the best tools that able to help you to achieve this goal. Not long ago, Mi ecosystem chain released another new set of air purifier which is Xiaomi Air Purifier 2S that priced at 899 yuan. Get it the cheapest here. 


New Xiaomi air purifier 2S model is not only upgraded version of Mi Air 2, but a combination of Mi air purifier Pro features as well. The product retains Mi air purifier 2 filter and with a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) value of 310m³/h, added Pro version features like laser particle sensor and OLED display that enable to shows real-time PM2.5 values. Compared with infrared Sensors features in its predecessor, Xiaomi air purifier 2S version improved a lot on detection accuracy, besides showing PM2.5 values, it can also detect particles as small as 0.3μm in size. 

After talking so much, how was its performance in actual use? Is it worth to buy? With these questions in mind, we do a real test immediately when we get the Mi Air Purifier 2S to get a clear picture of how capable is it.

Before starting the review, lets us have a look on the appearance of Xiaomi air purifier 2s.


Before entering to the pollution season of smog, Xiaomi suddenly released a new air purifier – Xiaomi air purifier 2S, it is an upgraded version of Mi air purifier 2, the most significant difference between this two model is 2S version added an OLED display, while at the same time other features have also been greatly upgraded. Xiaomi air purifier 2S uses high-precision laser particle sensor, can detect fine particle as small as 0.3μm. CADR value is 310m3/h, and the applicable area is 21 ~ 37m.Today, we are fortunate enough to get this air purifier immediately after it releases.

This review we use fast Q & A way to help you quickly have a clear picture of what you need to know about Xiaomi air purifier 2S. 

  No1 Is Mi Air Purifier 2S worth to buy?

This new Xiaomi air purifier currently sells at 899 yuan, only 200 yuan higher than Mi air purifier 2. Let’s take a look at the upgrades included in these two hundred yuan. 

1. Added OLED display just like Xiaomi air Pro version, it can show real-time PM2.5 value, Wi-Fi connection status, and also provide the current indoor temperature and humidity information. During the test, we used a professional detector to compare the PM2.5 value show by Mi air purifier 2S display, and the result is very accurate. If you buy a similar professional air quality detector at Mi website, it is easily cost you 399 yuan, so Xiaomi air purifier 2S version is relatively cheaper at 199 yuan.


 ▲Screenshots from Mijia official website


▲Comparison of PM2.5 value reading on Mi Air Purifier 2S and professional detector 

 2. In order to reduce the pollution of electroplating process to the environmental pollution, Xiaomi air purifier 2S version abandons the sheet metal parts inside the body, the weigh of air purifier included filter only 4.5kg. Even the girl can easily move it around indoors, and I as a woman can carry it with just one hand.

   The body of Xiaomi air purifier 2S is made by ABS weatherable sheet, even prolonged use and sunlight exposure the case will not turn yellow. Base on the actual test, its actual purification efficiency is not bad, can clean the air inside the house within twenty minutes.
In terms of second consumables, Xiaomi air purifier 2S filter is simit with its predecessor, and you can choose among this two option with economic version 149 yuan and enhanced formaldehyde detoxification version 169 yuan. The lifespan of the filter is six months, consider very cost-effective. In terms of noise control or intelligent operation, it is also the leader among the same price products. Overall, it is best air purifier for ordinary user. 

  NO.2 How exactly the purifying effect of Xiaomi air purifier 2S?

Official data show that Xiaomi air purifier 2S is applicable for area around 21 square meters, which can fully purify the air within 10 minutes, and CADR value is 310m3/h. During the actual test, we choosing a room that about 20 square-meter that similar to the average family living room environment, and close the windows and doors and turn off air conditioning. After that, I let my colleagues ignite two cigarettes and waiting for the indoor air PM2.5 values soar up above 800 before turn on Xiaomi air purifier 2S, then turn the wind speed to the maximum, and record the PM2.5 value every five minutes.


▲Initial indoor PM2.5 value


PM2.5 Value – Time(miin)

      As can be seen from the data, it took 15 minutes for PM2.5 value dropped from 500 to 35, purification efficiency is very good. According to the curve, 10 minutes after air purifier operation, PM 2.5 value is significant drop to 119ug / m3, it is enough to prove that the efficiency of air purification is pretty good.

  No. 3 How was noise for the Xiaomi Air Purifier 2S

   Everyone is concerned about noise, is able to affect our daily life deeply. So during the test, we tested the maximum wind speed and the noise level of the sleep mode respectively. The ambient noise of the test environment is about 40 dB, so when sleep mode activates, we hardly feel the difference.


▲Test data: Maximum wind speed


▲Test data: Sleep mode

At maximum wind speed, the noise level is 73.6 dB, slightly higher than the normal conversational decibels. During sleep mode, noise level unchanged, you barely hear any sound other than room environment sound. 

  No.4 How was the wind speed?

With high wind speed, it can speed up the indoor airflow, improve the speed of purification, Mi air purifier 2S able to bring down the PM 2.5 value from  520ug/m3  to 35ug/m3 within 15 minutes. Overall the wind speed blow out by the device is reasonable, and editor would like to demonstrate with a small windmill to help you better observe the device wind speed.


You can clearly see it in the gif image, Xiaomi air purifier 2S blowing strong wind during maximum wind speed mode.

  No. 5 How was the intelligent operation experience by using Xiaomi Air Purifier 2S

Mi air purifier 2S also can control by Mi Home APP, simply follow the instructions to complete configuration on Mi Home APP to control it with the mobile phone. When configuration is complete, open the APP, click on the top right + icon to add device, follow the instruction and select WiFi after click Xiaomi air purifier 2S icon. You will connect to the device after you enter the password, step for the configuration is simple and convenient.


You can switching between different mode on Xiaomi mi air purifier 2S through the app,  the most common use is automatic mode and night mode, you can switch on/off the device with phone too. 


   Xiaomi Mi air purifier 2S power with a number of intelligent features, you can connect to the device with mobile phone to remotely control the smart air purifier, detect air quality at indoor or outdoor, remind to replace the filter, share device and etc. One of the great features is it can be used in conjunction with other smart devices. For example, when the OLED display shows the humidity is low, you can use your Mi Home APP to turn on the humidifier, to ensure the balance state at home. 

Summary: As of this test, the test section of this product has basically ended. Based on the comprehensive test result in product performance, design or human intelligence, Xiaomi air purifier 2S score a good rate. Its performance is overpowering most of the same price range product in the market. Power by the new laser particle sensor and OLED display, it works well to assist you to protect the health of the whole family by clean air. Our conclusion is obvious, this product is currently priced at 899 yuan, and I will recommend you to buy it. Here is the best deal you can find online.



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