Winter arrived, some people dramatically describe that the north is dry and cold, just like physical attack while the south is wet and cold, belonging to the magic attack. And as a southerner, I feel cold everywhere in the winter, and even in the south, the air is not as humid as everyone imagines. It is as dry as it is – just saying it may be slightly better than the north. When walking in the street, the cold wind blew hard and your lips easily become dry, even if you stay at indoor the problem somehow still exist, you need to replenish water when your body feel dry. Maybe you may think of turn on the air conditioner, but in fact, there is an inevitable problem with the air conditioner whereas the air may contain bacteria, so by solving one problem you may bring out another problem.

Until Xiaomi Air Humidifier appearances, It solves my problem very well and gives me a peace of mind.


This is hot sale item that you need to go through a long queue before you can buy a Xiaomi Air humidifier. This is how it looks before unboxing. If not compare to the door and the potted plant behind it, you may think it is very large. It is using a beige hard-shell box as a packaging, the front is the portrait of the products and smartmi LOGO is below it. 

The main parts are the power adapter and AC power cord, both of them are in white color, do not underestimate these two accessories, Xiaomi air humidifier needs to depend on them in order to normally operate.


Here is the Xiaomi air humidifier, it looks cute and elegant? Indeed, the whole device is in white color, this color will fit most interiors of any home or office. It is in cylindrical design and a black vertical water level indicator at the front that let you monitor the changing in water level. The indicators and power switch are placed at the bottom. The devices consist of three parts: the lid handle, water tank and host, there are all in white and just so beautiful. In terms of Xiaomi Humidifier specifications, the bottom diameter is 207mm and height is 336mm, so it is considered not a large device, you can put it at the office or living room, it is very convenient and will not occupy so much place.


The host is the most critical part of the Xiaomi air humidifier, because all the basic functions of the Xiaomi humidifier can be achieved here, such as ultrasonic humidification mechanism, ultraviolet disinfection mechanism, capacitance-induced water shortage protection mechanism and etc, these all function collaborated to provide healthier and moisturize air to you. Although the majority part of the host is made of plastic – all of water-relative parts use thick material with anti-bacterial ingredients and it is relatively heavy. We can also see a button +4 indicators – Which first three were 1/2/3 level, and the indicator at the bottom is to show water level/working status. Each time you click the button, it will adjust between this four level. For safety, if the tank empty, the Xiaomi humidifier will not operate or automatically turn off. 

Reset button and WiFi indicator are at the back of the host, which in other words it is using WiFi module to remotely control Xiaomi air humidifier. But it is worth noting that this Xiaomi humidifier, like most humidifiers on the market, does not support 5G WiFi network and only supports 2.4G WiFi network, but does not affect the normal use.


Several different mechanisms running on their own space at the same mainframe and taking into account the safety, Xiaomi also sealed the UV disinfection area to prevent UV leaks that caused unnecessary harm to the user. It is very detail orientated.


Xiaomi air humidifier tank has a water capacity of 3.5L, a small body size but the tank capacity is not small. With the large capacity, users do not need to frequently refill the water. According to the data provided by the Xiaomi, it can provide with up to 16 hours of continuous use in the lowest level mode, it is safe to say that Xiaomi air humidifier can meet a daily use for the user no matter at home or office.

Thanks to the water injection design, the user can directly open the lid handle of the Xiaomi humidifier and refill water without affecting its normal operation, it is very convenient if compare other traditional humidifiers.


By monitoring the vertical transparent bar at the side of the water tank (the image above is for exhibition purpose, so I deliberately switch off the light, actually you can view the water level of the tank easily under normal daylight), you can clearly see that the current water level inside the tank. Although Xiaomi air humidifier will automatically power off in case of running out of the water, users actually can also take the initiative to monitor the changes in the tank so that can refill water before the device automatically switch off. To some extent, this kind of initiative played a role in protecting the durability of Xiaomi humidifier.


Moreover, you all can rest assured about the safety, because the external wiring of the Xiaomi air humidifier is designed with an external transformer, the rating for household 220V can be converted into a small voltage of 34V. It is well known that the acceptable safe voltage for the human body is 36V, so the voltage of 34V is very safe, you would not need to worry as long as you follow the instruction and specifications in the user manual.


Of course, if you want to have a better humidification experience, you can also be adding the essential oil in the water, so that the air filled with the fragrant of your choice. You can change the essential oils according to your needs, for example, to help your sleep, make you refreshing and so on. 

However, as a smart home product, it is worth to highlight the intelligent function that you can apply it with a Mi Home App and a mobile phone. First of all, users need to follow the instructions for WiFi connection. For Xiaomi smart home products user, it is very common to connect the gadget to the WiFi. After you connected the gadget with the App, you can see the interface for the Xiaomi humidifier on your mobile phone.

You can remotely control the Xiaomi humidifier with Mi Home App to fully realize its function like switch on/off, adjust the level, humidity level, timer and etc. For instance, if you set a humidity value, the Xiaomi humidifier will sense the surrounding humidity, when the humidity reaches the value you set, the humidifier will automatically switch to the lower level to ensure that the indoor humidity to achieve a balance. Even when the device is shut down, you can still monitor the indoor temperature and humidity, so it is also can use as a hygrothermograph meter. Yes, you can maximize the intelligent of this device

In general, Xiaomi air humidifier not only elegant and powerful, it is smart enough compare to other same grade products in the market, it has its own breakthrough and can be described as a traditional challenger. As what I know, the other brand’s humidifier with ultrasound and sterilization feature easily costing few thousand yuan, but the cost-effective Xiaomi air humidifier only sold at 799 yuan, it is really awesome. I highly recommend you to get one to your home or office as a health assistant!


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