Xiaomi adds a new “Paper” style in MIUI 12 reading mode capable of emulating the pages of a book

Among the multiple options that MIUI allows us we find the reading mode . This, reducing the emission of blue light through the coloration of the screen helps to improve our eye health when reading, for example, electronic books.

Without a doubt, a really useful functionality that watches over our health and that Xiaomi seems to have been improving with the incorporation of a new reading mode called «Paper» . This, unlike the classic, not only reduces the emission of blue light, but simulates the texture of a sheet of paper.

A new reading mode that also reduces eyestrain

As we can see below, once the reading mode is activated, MIUI 12 offers us to choose between two submodes; a " Classic " mode that only limits the temperature of the light by reducing the emission of blue light and a " Paper " mode that also emulates the texture of real paper.

Xiaomi implements a new style "Paper" in the reading mode of MIUI 12. News Xiaomi Xiaomi implements a new style "Paper" in the reading mode of MIUI 12. News Xiaomi

This new mode will not only help protect eye strain, but will also decrease eyestrain . Emulating the very texture of a paper, Xiaomi searches for a way to make reading books on our smartphone more comfortable every day.

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In addition, this new option or mode allows us to adjust the opacity of the texture itself , allowing us to control the intensity of realism applied to the screen at all times.

In short, a rather curious new option that at the moment is only available in the MIUI 12 beta and hidden from the user. That is why we will still take time to see it in the Global version of MIUI.

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