A flashlight is an emergency tool that everyone should have one at home, whether it is the old-fashioned ordinary light bulb flashlight or the newly LED flashlight, it is very helpful during a power failure. Of course, flashlight becomes more indispensable in case you want to go for wild camping. For this kind of activity, you really need a good quality flashlight and not simply mobile phone flashlight. Although mobile flashlight can use to illuminate your way it is only applicable to short times and if you need it in long periods of time, flashlight certainly gives you a better user experience. It is more obvious if need to doing maintenance work in a dark environment.
Shortly after the double 11, Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi portable flashlight, to make its daily household product portfolio more abundant. Xiaomi flashlight is another cost-effective products presented by Xiaomi, so let’s explore it with the hands-on experience now. Get the cheapest price here!



It is not using the typical white box like other Xiaomi products as a packaging box, Xiaomi flashlight is keeping inside a cylinder transparent box. You can see the Mi flashlight through the box.


There is a hanging hole on the top of the box, which is used for hanging on the shelf when sold at a store. Currently, there is a few small Xiaomi products packaging box are designed with hanging holes. 


As the box is cylindrical form, the product parameter information stickers are attached around the bottom. Below are parameters of Xiaomi flashlight, the product model is LPB01ZM, color white, battery type lithium-ion batteries, battery capacity 3250-3350mAh, input/output 5V1A, rated power 3W, maximum brightness 240 lumens, the manufacturer is Jiangsu Zimi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


You can tear off either side of the scotch tape to open the packaging box. It is recommended to tear off only one side of the tape to open the box to make future storage easier.



Package list includes a flashlight, USB data cable, lanyard, manual. All items are closely packed inside the box, it is not easy to put it back to the original place after you take it out. 

The product features, methods of use and various functions, charge/discharge status are listed in the manual. It is recommended to read the manual before starting to use Xiaomi portable flashlight. You may miss out some of the hidden features if you try to explore yourself without referring to the manual.


White USB data cable is relatively short, using a traditional Micro USB interface, just like data cable attached to the power bank. Since the power adapter is not included, you may charge mi portable flashlight with your mobile phone power adapter.


The lanyard can be installed on the bottom of Xiaomi flashlight for easy carrying. Early stage Mi Fans should feel familiar with this. It is one of the phone accessories of Redmi 1, you can tie in the lower part of the phone.


A simple and compact flashlight, its size is 120.2mm * 25.5mm * 25.5mm, with cylinder design, silver lamp head with white body. Xiaomi flashlight is set off by the contrast of silver and white color design.



There is a layer of protection sticker on the top and the bottom. There is a method for sending out distress signals on the bottom sticker: continuous quick triple-click function button to activating SOS mode, it can send out a distress signal by flashing light, and exit the SOS mode by clicking the function button again. It is very useful if anything emergency happens in the wild, but hopefully this kind of situation will not happen.



Tear off the protective sticker at the top and you can see a yellow LED lamp beads in the middle, the lens has more than 85% of the light transmission efficiency. According to the introduction, Xiaomi flashlight features with intelligent heats control, it will automatically dim the brightness to adjust the temperature when exceed the preset temperature to ensure safe use.



The lanyard hole, USB output interface, Micro USB input interface and function button are all on the bottom, so the layout is quite compact. A function button not only can be sending distress signals, it is power switch as well, when you turn on Xiaomi portable flashlight, you can click the function button to quickly turn off the flashlight. The power indicator is in the middle.


The silver part of Xiaomi flashlight is a lamp head, and you can see the increase/decrease mark at the lower part, the solid dot is to reduce the brightness, while hollow dot is to increase the brightness. You can turn on/off Xiaomi flashlight and adjust the brightness by turning the lamp head, a total of 11 adjustable level to choose from.


Flashlight body is made of aluminum material, the whole weight only 103g, it will not burden you when you hold it in hands. The products parameter is printed on the case, its content is similar to the sticker that you find on the packaging box.



Xiaomi flashlight main features are portable and easy carry, you can hold it in your hands like hold nothing.


The lanyard is quite useful, you can wear it on the wrist when you carry a flashlight to prevent accidentally dropped it to the ground and broke it.

Try out 

Pictured above is the brightness of the light when the Mi portable flashlight is turned on to the first level. It shows a soft light and short beam distance. In the dark environment, you can turn to the small level and obviously light up the surrounding area.



Pictured above is the light-spot of the light when the Xiaomi portable flashlight is turned on to the 11 level, which is also the brightness of Xiaomi flashlight. At this time, the light is stronger and the illuminated range is wider, which is suitable for the environment with insufficient light.


When activating small current mode, Xiaomi flashlight can act as a power bank that supply power to the Mi LED lamp and charging the mobile phone, although it is not the main function of Mi portable flashlight, this design is very useful. It should be noted that the small current mode of operation is only for 2 hours, it will automatically exit the charging mode after 2 hours.



You can either charge Xiaomi flashlight with power bank or power adapter, and the indicator will show a different color based on the remaining power of the battery. 0-20% blinking red light, 20-50% red light and orange light flashes alternately, 50-99% green light and orange light flashes alternately, when charging is completed, the green light is on, and blinking an orange light when abnormal charging.


Most men like this three-piece suit: flashlight, Swiss army knife, ZIPPO lighter. Since I do not smoke, so I never buy any lighter but I will definitely buy a flashlight and Swiss army knife.



Small and compact which make it easy to carry and storage, lightweight that you can hold it for a long time and not feel tired, up to 216 minutes of bright lighting, making Mi portable flashlight suitable to use for a wider range of occasions, especially at night, camping, lighting maintenance and etc.It showing the nuanced design with small current charging mode and 11 level in light intensity. It is also an elegant product with a reasonable price that only 79 yuan, and adequate stocking make this product has a strong competitive edge. Here is the best price you can get online!

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