Which tobacco preheater should you choose? IQOS heater test

The ban on selling menthol cigarettes in Poland, which officially began to apply from May 20, is a big problem for over 30 percent. smokers in our country. The only real and legal way to treat yourself with nicotine with a menthol aroma will be tobacco heaters. Which one is worth choosing?

In this text, we will look at three models offered by Philip Morris, a producer who first introduced tobacco heating devices on the Polish market. The manufacturer’s offer currently includes three models of heaters, dedicated to various types of users. Which one should you choose?

IQOS 2.4 Plus – the basic model

This model can be described as basic. Version 2.4 Plus is a two-piece tobacco heater, which includes a portable charger with a 2900 mAh battery and the heater itself, which allows you to heat a single cartridge after removing from the charger.

How is it used in practice? Not bad, but I would not recommend it to smokers who sometimes smoke two cigarettes in a row. The battery in the 2.4 Plus heater itself allows you to heat a single cartridge. Then we have to put it back in a portable charger that will prepare it for reuse in 4 minutes and 10 seconds.

A little long, but I suspect that for most smokers, a single refill is enough to satisfy the craving for nicotine hunger, so the charging time of the heater is not in my opinion a huge disadvantage. Sometimes it just gets uncomfortable.

It is also worth adding that this is the only one of the three models of IQOS heaters that is charged via the micro USB connector. This standard is slowly disappearing from the electronic devices market, which means that many people will have to remember about a dedicated, additional charger for their heater.

IQOS 3 Multi – the most bulky

The Multi version is a model in which the heater and portable charger are one and the same device. This integration makes the Multi model the most compact heater that fits easily into your pants pocket, and is a fairly light and handy model, which is a huge plus.

How does IQOS 3 Multi work in everyday use? Great, provided that a dose of nicotine contained in 10 tobacco cartridges is enough for us every day – if someone smokes (or actually heats) more, they have to reckon with the fact that during the day they will have to recharge their heater (it takes about 80 minutes). Therefore, in my opinion, this model is rather dedicated to people who have smoked about half a packet of analog cigarettes a day. I would recommend model 3 Duo to people with a higher demand for nicotine.

The big advantage of the 3 Multi model is the use of the USB type C connector by the manufacturer, so when packing for e.g. a trip, we do not have to remember about an additional charger for the heater and use the same charger that charges the smartphone. Well, unless we’re using a slightly older model that is charged via the micro USB connector.

The IQOS 3 Multi model is undoubtedly the most handy and compact heater of the three models discussed here, which for many may prove to be a decisive factor when choosing.

IQOS 3 Duo – the most convenient to use

This is the most convenient model in terms of use, which is not as handy and compact as the IQOS 3 Multi, but it is compensated by its capabilities.

One of the biggest advantages of the Duo model would be the shortest charging time of the heater itself through a portable charger and the fact that it is able to heat two tobacco cartridges one after the other. In theory, this may seem like a redundant feature, but in practice I found myself using it very often. If only because at the moment I can not put the heater back into the portable charger.

The capacity of the built-in battery (2900 mAh) allows you to use the heater without any problems, which in practice means that most smokers will charge their IQOS 3 Duo once a day. In conjunction with the fast charging of the heater itself (about 110 s for single use), this equipment is simply very convenient to use and does not make you wait too long to satisfy our nicotine hunger. IQOS 3 Duo is charged via a USB type C connector.

As for the size, yes, the Duo model is larger than the Multi, but it still takes up less space in the pocket than a pack of analog cigarettes, so I doubt that any smoker will have a problem with that.

Finally, the most important thing. Remember that these are devices for adult smokers and are not without risk. Therefore, despite their many advantages, if you smoke it is best to quit smoking.

Which tobacco preheater should you choose? IQOS heater test