Which is worth to buy? XiaomiMi Wifi Router 3C or Mi Router 3

Which one is worth to buy? Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router 3C or Mi Router 3? Many are still unclear to buy Mi Router 3C or Mi Router 3. In this article, I am sharing my assessment on these routers and the differences between them. Comparison between Mi Router 3C and Mi Router.

1.  Technical Comparison

Physically both Mi Router 3C and Mi Router 3 are similar, there are only subtle differences between the two. However, there are some technical differences. The table below outlines the technical specifications for comparison.

Mi Router 3 Mi Router 3C
Size and Weight 195x131x23.5mm (220g) 195×107.25.3mm (241g)
Antennas Has 4 high-gain antennas
Processor MT7620A MT7628N
Memory 128MB DDR2 64MB DDR2
Wireless 2.4G/5G dual-frequency WiFi(maximum speed can reach 867Mbps) 2.4G single-frequency WiFi (maximum speed can reach 300Mbps)
Interface 1 WAN, 2 LAN ports(100 MB network card interfaces) and 1 USB2.0 extension interface 1 WAN, 2 LAN ports (100 MB network card interfaces)
operating system OpenWRT depth custom MiWiFi ROM system
OS Features Root support, Open Platform, allows third part App, Wireless access control Intelligent anti-rub network, wireless intrusion detection, password brute force crack detection
USB Extension Support Not Supported
Price Get it the cheapest Get it the cheapest

As far as technical comparison, both Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router 3C and Mi Router 3 has four high-gain antennas, runs Mi WiFi ROM system, belongs to intelligent router family, and supports management App. The difference is in the built-in processor, Memory, ROM, Wi-Fi (support of 5G), USB expansion and the price.

2. Appearance comparison

Most users are not concerned about the physical appearance of a wireless router, however there many who appreciates the physical appearance and considers how it can blend to their home furnishing. Hence, the appearance may affect the user’s choice.

Pictures of Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router 3C

Now, let’s looks the pictures of Mi Router 3.

Pictures of Mi Router 3.

In terms of appearance, the Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router 3 and Mi Router 3C are identical, except for some details. Namely, the Mi Router 3C is not equipped with a USB extension, and the antennas are square. The Mi Router 3 comes with a USB extension interface, and the antennas are round. That’s all the difference.

3. Performance Comparison

There is some performance difference between Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router 3C and Mi Router 3. This is primarily due to RAM size, ROM storage operations, support for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi, support for USB extension and integrated hardware configuration.

Mi Router 3C

Mi Router 3C has a slightly upgraded processor model, but has less memory and ROM, and lack of USB expansion, when compared to Mi Router 3. So, how does these difference affect the users? There are two main aspects:

  1. Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router 3 has a larger memory compared to Mi Router 3C, this means that Mi Router 3 supports more users at the same time to access the router, in addition the dual-band Wi-Fi, can support as high as 867Mbps.
  2. Mi Router 3 support USB2.0, so you can connect a pen drive or hard drive as a storage expansion. It also supports third-party applications this extending the functionality of the router. While the Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router 3C does not support the USB expansion, or support the installations of third-party Apps.

In simple terms, Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router 3 is more like a real intelligent router that not only supports USB expansion, but also supports dual-band Wi-Fi and third party Apps. The Mi Router 3C is more like a traditional router at single-frequency of 2.4 GHz, with no support for USB and third-party Apps, it is just a basic and common router. Xiaomi Mi Router 3C is more like a traditional router, with four high-gain antennas, which gives a good Wi-Fi signal coverage. So, which one of this Xiaomi router is the best, Mi Router 3 or Mi Router 3C? Since both routers are equipped with four high-gain antennas, the Wi-Fi signal coverage is good. The main differences are in performance, support for USB extension and speed. For ordinary home users, who wants a decent broadband and does not want fancy options, the Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router 3C, which is 50 Yuan cheaper than Mi Router 3, will do the trick. Mi Router 3C is a cost-effective option. However, if you focusing on expansion, want higher speed, and an intelligent router, then Mi Router 3 is highly recommended. Here is the best deal you can find online

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