Headphones have always been the best gift for your boyfriend and good quality headphones is an essential tool that to experience an ultimate musical experience.  Most people only consider the price or brands when buying headphones, but actually every headphone has its own characteristics and just like clothes and shoes, if you buy correct headphones that can fit with the owners, it can improve his temperament. What does your boyfriend type? What kind of headphones is more suitable for him? Here we will show you few boyfriend type with it matching headphones: Mi Headphones, Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD, Mi Noise-Canceling Earphones Type-C, Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver. 

Type One: Hip-hop Boyfriend
Matching headphones: Mi Headphones         Price: Get the cheapest price here!

The shell of Mi Headphones made of aluminum alloy material, giving a sense of metallic texture. Headband part is made of high-quality PU leather material, embrace for environmental protection while retaining the cortex texture, and coupled with the golden line style, the perfect combination of classical and fashion in one. At the same time, the overall combination of gold and black make these headphones have a very hip-hop temperament, if your boyfriend is a hip-hop fanatic, then these headphones must be the perfect fit of his temperament. It is worth mentioning that the Mi Headphones is very convenient and easy for keep, and it also comes with useful accessories like adapter, storage bag and portable bag, so you can enjoy the joy of music anytime and wherever you are. Beside the Hip-hop fashion appearance, Mi headphones through it sophisticated closed-end aluminum alloy sound chamber, high-fidelity vocal that made of graphene and large-size metal diaphragm, the acoustic structure can effectively reduce the resonance on the sound quality, enable you to listen to the life-like and high-fidelity music directly from your mobile phone. Here is the best deal you can find online!


Type Two: Arty style Boyfriend
Matching headphones: Mi In Ear Headphones Pro HD     Price: Get the cheapest price here
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If your boyfriends is a  gentle young man who loves literature and art, with a unique pursuit of quality of life, what is the best choice that matches his temperament?  The headphones should be simple and with a rich sense of design, exudes an arty atmosphere and noble demeanor.

In view of these high standards, we recommend you Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD. It is a continuation of Xiaomi simple and compact design and it just won the China Good Design and Gold Winner 2017 recently and hits the best selling for several consecutive months at JingDong and Tmall among the similar products.

The workmanship of this product is very delicate, its sound chamber is made of aluminum alloy material, with the surface going through a matte process, it is showing an arty temperament and give you a rich sense of quality. The cable and sound chamber connection handle with central symmetry design, very neat and beautiful, the polished surface also makes it looks elegant. The texture sound chamber with streamlined design, with the details CD pattern at back, it takes care of every detail and certainly be able to meet his high standards. 

From the aspects in music delivering, Mi In-ear Headphones Pro HD with it distinguished tri-audible units that integrated the dual dynamic and balanced armature drivers, it contains the strength of both drivers but at the same time highlight the advantages of dynamic headphones. The sound field is very wide and it keeps the bass mellow, the capture of rich details of the melody is particularly stunning. Metal sound chamber is created in a 25-step process and been rigorously tested in over 700 professional acoustics test, the fourth times Grammy award winner subjective tuning and certified by Japan Audio Society with it latest high standard test Hi-Res-Audio, all of this makes Mi In-ear headphones perform excellently in delivering true music with high fidelity. Here is the best deal you can find online.


Type Three: Workaholic Boyfriend
Matching Headphones: Xiaomi Noise Canceling headphones Type-C     Price: Get the cheapest price here!

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Congratulations, you have an ideal boyfriend that very dedicated to his job. For workaholics, teleconferences and frequent trips are a must. How to choose right headphones that can take care of his ears and give some relaxing time so he can relieve the fatigue? Xiaomi Noise Canceling Headphone Type-C may be your best choice. 

With its unique hybrid dual dynamic and balanced armature drivers, it delivers life-like sound quality with uncompromised noise reduction performance and received Hi-Res-Audio quality certification. 

It can receive the noise analysis by decoder chip and actively assist you in noise canceling, it can apply to a variety of life scenarios like high-speed rail, buses, subways and even noisy office environment, to help you more efficiently and comfortably commence to work. At the same time, Xiaomi Noise-Canceling Earphones Type-C can be comfortable to wear for a long time, no ear pressure, pain-free, effectively protect your ears in noisy environment without substantial increase the volume and at the same time deliver high fidelity sound to your ears.

The advanced technology that accompanied by exquisite designs, Mi Noise-Canceling Earphones Type-C with it titanium coating shell, giving you shiny visual effect and more resilience without additional weight.

The top of the headphones is made of TPE material. As a highly elastic material, TPE is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, soft and temperature-resistant. The lower end is made of Kevlar fiber, which is resistant to pull and tangle-free, so he will not need to worry about the tangling up the problem of the headphones cable during his busy work. Here is the best deal you can find online!


Type Four: Sporty Boyfriend

Matching tools for Headphones: Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset       Price: Get the cheapest price here!
Retail Price: Mi Sports Bluetooth headset | Awake Your Low Profile in Extravagance Lifestyle  

It is a nature of boy to loving in sports. If your boyfriends is a sporty man, he must have been troubled by lengthy wires of the headphones during exercise. The quality of Bluetooth headphones on the market is quite uneven, so to prevent keep from buying new Bluetooth headphones, we strongly recommended to you this ultimate sports device: Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset. Just a few dozen yuan, to transform your wired device to wireless within seconds.
Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset is the best tool to help you in separate the devices and the headphones, it helps people to listen to the song through a Bluetooth transmission. It uses a new generation of Bluetooth chip architecture, adapted to the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology, the farthest transmission distance up to 10 meters. Its body made of advanced PC material, with bright and smooth surface, and elastic metal back clip, it is easy to carry and wear during your outdoor sports activity. The devices are very compact, weighs only 10g, you will hardly feel it weigh during exercise. When you running, just put the phone in the pocket, and fixed headphone cable properly with a clip, you are all set and can start to experience the ease in listening song through Bluetooth. Here is the best deal you can find online!


Choosing and giving headphones that best fit him, as a gift to the person who loves you so much.


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