What is the PAI function that will integrate the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Beyond its already known novelties such as the integration of the Alexa assistant or the SpO2 meter , the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will have other interesting features aimed at improving our lifestyle.

An example of this is the integration of the PAI function . Specifically, we are talking about an algorithm whose objective is that we maintain a healthy life and that many of you probably already know from its appearance in other smartwatches such as the Amazfit GTS or Amazfit GTR.

To be exact, Intelligence Activity Personal would be the acronym for Personal Activity Intelligence, a kind of indicator of much more representative and intuitive physical activity that will for the first time Xiaomi smart bracelets, specifically the Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5, the first to integrate the PAI function

What is the PAI function that will integrate the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5. Xiaomi News

Far from any conventional measure such as steps, PAI offers us a unit based on a single integer in order to know what our physical state is . The higher this number, the better we will be doing it, while if the number is low it will indicate that we are going astray.

In this way, PAI allows us to forget about technical data and focus on reaching the goal of achieving maximum value, that is, around a PAI with a value of 100-120. An interesting way to challenge yourself every day in order to achieve the highest PAI possible and therefore a better standard of healthy living.