We will wait for the real 5G. The auction may not take place at all

It is not excluded that the canceled 5G auction will not take place at all. The Office of Electronic Communications wants to repeat the analysis of the market situation.

Due to the ongoing pandemic coronavirus, the auction of frequencies in the 3.4-3.8 GHz band was canceled and immediately with the president of the Office of Electronic Communications. Krzysztof Dyl, i.e. the President of UKE, argues that the 3.6 GHz 5G band can now be allocated to telecoms in a different way.

There was a 5G auction , there is no 5G auction

As GSM Online reminds, in May Marek Zagórski expressed hope that the process of transmission of frequencies to operators will start before the end of the holiday. However, according to PAP, after the President of UKE, he argues that the analysis of the market situation should be repeated, because the coronavirus has turned the economic situation upside down.

Krzysztof Dyl adds that Poland will continue to try to make the selection procedure for the reservation of frequencies in the 3.6 GHz band for the 5G needs completed this year, but it is not excluded that this will not work. He explains, however, that meeting this process before the end of 2020 is not solely the responsibility of his office.

We have to repeat the analysis of the market situation, because a lot has changed since the design of the annulled auction was started, also because some operators are already announcing investments that de facto consume coverage requirements; repeating them one to one would be completely pointless. It is also necessary to take into account the cyber security requirements provided for in the Act – explains Krzysztof Dyl, acting President of UKE

What’s next with 5G in Poland ?

For now, operators have started with 5G on frequencies used today by LTE networks, but this is just such a prosthesis. Networks are waiting for officials to explain how band allocation should now be done. It is possible that the 5G auction will not take place at all, although its rules have already been established. Krzysztof Dyl emphasizes that "the law provides for different forms of frequency allocation".

There is finally a scenario in which frequencies will be transmitted to cellular networks in a different way than the 5G auction. It is also unclear which equipment suppliers Polish telecoms will be able to cooperate with, especially in the context of Andrzej Duda’s last visit to Donald Trump. Huawei has become such a non-grata enterprise here, but it has still not been completely excluded .

We will wait for the real 5G. The auction may not take place at all