We say goodbye to indentations and holes. Xiaomi will show a smartphone with a camera under the screen, ZTE will do it before

#XiaomiLepsze, but not #XiaomiPirim. The Chinese today boasted about the third generation of selfie cameras placed under the screen, but they will only show the first smartphone with this technology in 2021. Meanwhile, ZTE plans to premiere such a device in four days.

We have been hearing about selfie cameras hidden under the screens for several months, but no smartphone with such technology has appeared on the market yet. There were official demonstrations of the technology in action, there were prototypes at fairs, but equipment with such a solution still cannot be bought.

Xiaomi boasts that the first smartphone with Under-Display Camera technology will hit the market next year.

At the same time, Xiaomi already boasts the third generation of cameras hidden under the screens . The first two were developed in research and development centers, but did not hit the market. However, the third generation is to be good enough that it will go into mass production in 2021.