We analyze the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick: Netflix, Disney + and games, but with several negative points

Today we bring you the analysis and unboxing of one of the latest products launched by Xiaomi in the international market. We are talking about the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick , a small gadget capable of turning any television into a complete multimedia entertainment center.

After numerous rumors and a wide variety of leaks, Xiaomi presented the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick on July 15 as a clear rival to the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Unlike the latter, Xiaomi’s HDMI stick adds compatibility with a greater number of applications and an ad-free interface.

Of course, it is noted that this is the first version of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick and as with each new gadget this has certain negative points. Still, there is no doubt that it is a good product for certain uses and also a fully recommended purchase if your TV is not one of the most modern.

Unboxing and first impressions of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick box presents a very interesting level of details. Beyond showing its name or main characteristics, it details some of the apps that we can install and that undoubtedly encompass the most used today.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick review, unboxing and review. Xiaomi News

Contents of the box of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick.

After opening the box we will find the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick itself, a remote control command and a USB charger with its respective charging cable, which in this case is of the microUSB type. Without a doubt, if we compare it with the Amazon Fire TV Stick we will miss a couple of batteries for the remote and an HDMI extension cable that is often essential.

The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick has a size and weight very similar to that of the Amazon HDMI stick, being light and easy to carry . Its entire body is black and features a design divided into glossy black and satin black. Beyond that, it only features its HDMI and a microUSB power port.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick review, unboxing and review. Xiaomi News

For its part, the Bluetooth remote control has a quite successful appearance. This not only adds the typical navigation buttons but also various buttons that give direct access to Netflix and Prime Video or even the Google voice assistant that we can use thanks to its built-in microphone.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick review, unboxing and review. Xiaomi News

Bluetooth remote of the Xiaomi mi TV Stick.

To all this is added a USB cable of about 50 centimeters , somewhat short by the way, and a 5V / 1A transformer. If our TV has a USB of sufficient power, we can avoid having to connect the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick to the electrical outlet.

Configuration and user experience

After connecting the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick to our television and to the electrical outlet, Android TV will start guiding us through an intuitive setup wizard. Through this we can choose the desired language, the region or even link our Android smartphone and thus have certain advantages when transmitting files or importing the WiFi key.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick review, unboxing and review. Xiaomi News

Android TV interface of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick.

Once configured we will access the main screen of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. As we can see on these lines, this interface is simple and easy to use , with only Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube and Google Play Movies applications.

The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick brings 1GB of RAM enough to be able to move around its interface with great fluidity and run the most common content on demand applications. Of course, it is not enough to run high-performance games like the Asphal 8 smoothly since its Amlogic S805Y processor is also about 5 years old.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick review, unboxing and review. Xiaomi News

Games like the Asphalt 8 do not run smoothly on the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick.

As far as storage is concerned, the Xiaomi mi TV Stick brings a total of 8GB not expandable through microSD . Even so, the reality is somewhat different, since as many of you know, part of these are occupied by the system. As a result, we will only have 4.8GB free, which to be sensible will fill up after installing a small handful of applications.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick review, unboxing and review. Xiaomi News

Without installing applications, the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick only has 4.8GB free.

Still, Android TV 9 Pie works very well on the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. Its interface is beautiful, easy to use and also allows us to configure other peripherals in a simple way. Likewise, it has an integrated Chromecast allowing content to be transmitted from any Android device, iPhone, iPad or laptop.

The same happens with your remote control, this being Bluetooth does not force us to have to point at the TV . In addition, having its own volume control and direct access to the voice assistant make the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick much more independent and we do not have to use the television remote control.

Conclusion and in which cases should we buy it

Although it only has 1GB of RAM, the truth is that Android TV 9 Pie is well optimized . That is why the performance of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is quite fluid when it comes to navigating its interface and running applications such as Netflix, HBO, Prime Video or Disney +.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick review, unboxing and review. Xiaomi News

From Google Play we can install an endless number of applications and games.

Facing this we could say that the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is a good product if what we are looking for is to be able to install content applications on demand on our television. In addition, if we want to transmit from our smartphone or laptop, this Xiaomi gadget is totally ideal.

In addition, the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick comes in handy when traveling and traveling . Thanks to its size and ease of use, we can use it on almost any hotel television and thus enjoy our favorite series, movies or channels.

On the other hand, its operation is not completely fluid in certain games such as Asphal 8. Without going any further upon starting it, its interface worked with a lot of lag even when entering our age. For this use we must go to a more advanced option such as the Xiaomi Mi TV Box S that also allows us to store a greater amount of information.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick review, unboxing and review. Xiaomi News

If your TV does not have lateral HDMI or is not easily accessible, go thinking about buying an HDMI extension cable.

In addition, compared to other similar products, the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick forces us to have to buy a pair of AAA batteries since these are not included. Likewise, it does not add an HDMI extension so if the HDMI port of our television is difficult to access, we must buy a separate adapter.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick review, unboxing and review. Xiaomi News

In full 2020 the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick should have added a USB Type C port and not a microUSB.

In short, the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick works very well for certain uses and even more if we consider its price. In itself, among its strengths we find:

  • Android TV 9 Pie interface very easy to use and configure.
  • Unlike the Amazon Fire TV Stick, its interface does not display advertising.
  • The Bluetooth controller works really well and it also has direct access to Netflix Prime Video and Google voice assistant execution
  • It has support for a large number of applications. An example of this is HBO, an app that is not available on the Amazon Fire TV Stick.
  • Integrate Chromecast.

Still, the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick has certain negative points that you should definitely know before making your purchase:

  • Its resolution is 1080p and not 2K or 4K as originally thought.
  • Its design means that in certain televisions we have to buy a separate HDMI adapter or extension.
  • Its power port is microUSB type and not USB Type C.
  • It does not provide a good experience of use in high-performance games.
  • Its storage is very short since its 8GB actually becomes 4.8GB available to the user.
  • Very old Amlogic S805Y processor.

Where to buy the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick at the best price

We can currently buy the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick from Amazon for about 39.99 euros. In addition, if we do not mind waiting we can also get it from AliExpress for about 30 euros. A really adjusted price that makes it a product with a good quality / price ratio.

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