Trump s haircut is more important than ecology, which is why water pressure will increase across the country

Do you remember the last time you were on vacation? Nice, large hotel room. What can go wrong? Obviously, the water pressure in the shower spoils every trip. Donald Trump must feel the same, which is why, as the most powerful man in the world, he decided to do something about it .

Trump : My hairstyle must be perfect. IDEAL

You want to take a shower – the water is not running. You want to wash your hands – the water is not running. What are you doing with it? You stand longer, take a longer shower. Unfortunately, my hair – I don’t know about yours – but mine must be perfect. Perfect, said Trump at a conference just a few weeks ago.

President Trump’s administration has just presented a draft amendment to the law to increase water pressure in showers. It turns out that in the United States it has been limited since 1992 in order to reduce the amount of wasted water.

For the last 28 years, a maximum of 9.5 liters of water per minute can flow through the shower head. If the new law comes into force, the pressure will increase both in business and in every household. After the changes, the limitation of 9.5 l of water per minute will not be able to flow through the entire installation, but through each nozzle.

President’s hairstyle and ecology

The very proposal of the Ministry of Energy caused great opposition among all those who care about ecology. Experts warn that the introduction of the changes will significantly increase water consumption throughout the country, which will result in even more water being wasted in almost every home.

Many organizations such as the Appliance Standards Awareness Project or Consumer Reports suspect that the whole case may end up in court.

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Trump’s hairstyle is more important than ecology, so water pressure will increase across the country