Trifles, but conspicuous. Windows 10 20H2 – All What s New at a Glance

Recent computers are starting to receive an update to Windows 10 2004. Meanwhile, we are slowly getting ready for the second update. Don’t worry, this time it will be fast, light and pleasant.

Windows 10 20H2 is an upgrade very similar in its form to Windows 10 1909. Okay, I can already see some surprise: Microsoft has changed the nomenclature of new versions of Windows. Now in the version number, instead of the year and the month (1909 is 2019, the 09th month, i.e. September), we have a year and its half. So 20H2 is 2020, the second half. The update that was once discussed would be called Windows 10 2009.

But let’s get back to the point. Windows 10 20H2 will be a development update mainly by name. In fact, just like Windows 10 1909 , it will take the form of a regular patch – exactly like it is served monthly as a service patch. This means that the upgrade will take a short while as it comes down to a lightning-fast installation and one restart.

There are also very few changes. However, they will be very noticeable. They mainly concern the appearance of the interface and the way we use websites and web applications. Although the latter, fortunately for conservatives, is optional.

Windows 10 20H2 – what’s new?

Removing the leading color from active tiles and icons.

For today, active tiles are colored with the color selected as the leading one in Settings. For my computer, it is navy blue. However, with the 20H2 version, this color will be replaced with translucency. According to Microsoft, this makes active tiles more readable and blends nicely with the rest of the system interface. Similarly, icons: their watering becomes transparent, no longer the color of the leading color. This is what it looks like in a bright theme:

Yes in the dark:

And so in dark with a selected leading color:

Edge browser tabs in the app switching view.

[ALT] + [TAB] is probably one of the most used keyboard shortcuts in Windows. It is used to switch quickly between applications. With version 20H1, this switch will reflect the tabs open in the Edge browser. We can also decide whether we want to see all the cards, the last few – or not want to see them at all and leave everything as it is.

The Spartan is gone.

This change was supposed to be made in Windows 10 2004 , but the decision has been postponed to a future update. With the 20H2 update, the classic version of the Edge browser on the Spartan foundation will be hidden from the user. It will be replaced with this modern version, built on the Chromium project.

Change the refresh rate in a more intuitive place.

To change the refresh rate of our monitor, in Windows 10 20H2 just go to the Settings application, there System , then Display , then Advanced display settings and that’s it.

System information disappears from the Control Panel.

From now on, they are available in the modern Settings application, along with a button for copying system information.

No more notification notifications – better Focus feature.

After turning on Focus mode, Windows goes silent without showing us any notifications. However, as soon as we exit this mode, the system will immediately want to inform us about all the notifications we missed. It won’t do that anymore.

Touch mode. Not to be confused with tablet mode.

This feature was originally intended for Windows 10 2004. The system on touchscreen computers – but not tablets – will display the Desktop with slightly more spaced elements to facilitate touch interaction with the system.

New look for notifications.

The vertically arranged arrows and gear icons disappear. They have been replaced with an intuitive cross to close the notification and a ellipsis expanding more options.

Also, the same as usual.

That is, hundreds of small fixes related to detected defects and the possibility of increasing security and performance.

Windows 10 20H2 – when and for whom?

The update should appear at the turn of September and October. It will be available to all devices supported by the manufacturer. It’s free, as always.

Trifles, but conspicuous. Windows 10 20H2 – All What’s New at a Glance