This could be the end of Chinese domination. The most famous manufacturer of tripods just showed their gimbals

Manfrotto enters the gimbal market. Do DJI and Zhyiun have anything to fear?

Probably everyone who takes photos knows and probably also appreciates Manfrotto, the most famous brand of photo tripods in the world. Nowadays, a large number of photographers also film, and when they film, they use gimbals. When we combine a well-known brand and a modern tool, we have potentially great potential. This is how the first Manfrotto gimbals were created.

They thought similarly in the Benro company, which also showed its gimbals some time ago. The market is so far dominated by Chinese companies, in particular DJI and Zhyiun. So it promises to be an interesting confrontation from which we can only benefit.

Manfrotto Gimbal 460

The larger of the two gimbals is able to lift equipment weighing up to 4.6 kg. This is a tool for filmmakers filming with large SLRs or even film cameras. Weighing 1.66 kg, the gimbal offers a 3-axis stabilization system with 360-degree rotation of the arms. A dedicated battery is to allow for 12 hours of work.

The gimbal has a small LCD touch screen, a joystick to control, several buttons and a knob. There were also several ready-made work programs, e.g. for creating time-lapse movies. The commercial kit also includes a follow focus system, a tripod leg and a useful remote control. Manfrotto Gimbal 460 is expected to cost $ 750. i.e. after direct conversion, about PLN 2,800. It is therefore the price level of the DJI Ronin S gimbal.

Manfrotto Gimbal 220

This is the smaller and cheaper of the two new gimbals. It has the same structure and capabilities, but is able to carry equipment weighing up to 2.2 kg. It is also much lighter (1.09 kg). This means that it is a gimbal designed for mirrorless cameras.

Manfrotto Gimbal 220

The photos clearly show that the 220 version also has simplified ergonomics: fewer buttons and a follow focus module is optional. However, it is to allow up to 15 hours of work. It is therefore a rival of the DJI Ronin SC gimbal. This is also confirmed by the price: about $ 400-500. depending on the set, i.e. about PLN 1500-1900.

Italian or Chinese gimbals?

Both gimbals resemble Zhiyun brand designs. Is it just an inspiration or is it just private labet products made by the Chinese for an Italian brand? I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. Where did this idea come from?

The new gimbals premiered quietly – they appeared on the blog of the American store Adorama . However, we will not find them on the official website of the tripod manufacturer. Are the Italians not willing to brag about their new product? Or maybe they just haven’t had time to publish the update on the site yet?

This could be the end of Chinese domination. The most famous manufacturer of tripods just showed their gimbals