They say that the speakers for PLN 3 million are the real deal. Diamonds and beryllium are to prove this

Have you ever wondered how much speakers can cost? It is known that the better the speakers, the more expensive they will be. Some of us buy budget Bluetooth speakers, others the latest wireless speakers, still others can afford to spend a dozen or tens of thousands of zlotys on high-quality car audio.

But the question is, where is the upper limit? We don’t know that, but certainly the Magico M9 four-way six-speaker freestanding system is very close to that border. And we are not talking here about a pure gold column, although we can find very interesting materials in it.

A good speaker without diamonds? Impossible

According to the manufacturer, the M9 speaker is a completely new quality on the speaker market. We can agree with the manufacturer in advance, of course if the company has the price in mind. A pair of M9 speakers costs $ 750,000, which is almost PLN 3 million when converted into PLN.

Sure, for most of us, the very idea of ​​spending that kind of money on speakers, no matter what their quality, is proof that someone has a wrong turn. But we are not right. Moreover, Alon Wolf, CEO of Magico, says the price of the speakers is completely justified, and indeed is an amazing deal. To find out about this, however, you should take a look at the materials from which the M9 was made.

Crazy materials, just as crazy price

In fact, the beryllium tweeters built into the speakers are covered with a thin diamond layer. As a result, the speakers can reproduce a wider range of frequencies, beyond the audible range.

This diamond layer in combination with beryllium makes the membrane shells move back and forth stiffly, without any distortion, thanks to which they reproduce music precisely, allowing you to see details in it that cannot be heard in other speakers.

Moreover, few people will ever hear the details, as Wolf estimates his company will be able to sell 10 to 100 sets of these luxury speakers.

Realistic sounds are not enough

Many of us imagine that the ideal speaker should be able to reproduce the sound so that we feel like we are at a live concert. However, Wolf thinks otherwise.

It’s usually said that we should feel like we are at a real concert. But that’s not possible, and I don’t think it’s even desirable, ‘says Wolf.

The ultimate goal of the best speakers should be to create a feeling of hyperrealism. A hyper-realistic experience on many levels should outweigh the experience of listening to live music

– he adds.

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They say that the speakers for PLN 3 million are the real deal. Diamonds and beryllium are to prove this