These are all the secret codes that you can use on your Xiaomi to access hidden menus

As in any other Android device in MIUI we find certain hidden menus that are generally accessed through secret dialing codes . These, in addition to letting us check the status of our Xiaomi, allow us to obtain relevant information.

Although these codes are designed for technical and professional services , the truth is that many of us like to tinker among all the options that our Xiaomi allows us. And it is that, in addition to displaying information, certain codes allow us to check all the hardware of our mobile device.

That is why below we have compiled the most interesting secret codes that we can use in our Xiaomi in order to check its status or obtain relevant information about its status.

Secret codes that we can use in a Xiaomi

In order to access the hidden menus that give us access to the secret codes, we only have to mark them in the phone application of our Xiaomi. The most important and relevant are:

  • * # * # 426 # * # * : Allows you to obtain relevant information in relation to Google services (Google Play Services (.
  • * # 06 # : Allows you to obtain the IMEI code of our Xiaomi, as well as the serial number.
  • * # * # 4636 # * # * : Shows information related to the WiFi connection and allows us to ping in order to check the Internet connection.
  • * # * # 225 # * # * : Allows us to obtain information about the calendar, the number of events and other related details.
  • * # * # 6484 # * # * : Allows access to the CIT Menu or Menu Hardware Test. From this we can check the general status of the entire device including its battery, screen, proximity sensor, etc.