The Xiaomi Health application already allows you to measure the pulse through the camera (Download)

After the last update of the Health or Mi Health app, Xiaomi has integrated the possibility of measuring our heart rate through the camera of our smartphone . Using the photographic sensor and the Flash, from now on we will be able to know our pulse without using any other wearable.

In itself, this novelty is available in the My Health 2.7.4 version that you can download from this direct link to our Telegram group . After downloading it, you will only have to install it and it will update your Health application that you already have installed.

After opening it and accessing the « Heart rate » menu, you will find a new button at the bottom right that allows us to start the heart rate measurement . To do this, we must place our finger on the corresponding camera of our smartphone until the viewfinder turns completely red.

Thanks to the combination of the camera with the flash, this new functionality is able to obtain our heart rate in a more than correct way . Compared to the one obtained by the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 itself, both are practically the same.

It should be noted that in my case I not only have to place my finger on one of the cameras, but practically along all of them . It is to be imagined that depending on the model you have, you have to position your finger in one way or another.

In short, a most interesting functionality that undoubtedly expands the possibilities that Xiaomi already offers us with its MIUI customization layer. Do not forget to leave us your opinion in the comment box if you have already tried this new option of the Xiaomi Health app.

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