The Xiaomi EU ROM is now available for the new POCO X3 NFC

Xiaomi.EU is probably one of the most famous Custom ROMs among Xiaomi and Redmi users and will probably become one of the best known for the POCO X3 NFC which is already available.

For those of you who do not know it, Xiaomi EU is a Custom ROM based properly on MIUI’s Chinese ROM. Thanks to this we can have all those news that Xiaomi launches in its native country but that never finish seeing the light in the global versions.

In addition, the Xiaomi EU ROM allows us to bypass certain limitations imposed by Xiaom i. An example of this are the Super Wallpapers , which are only available for high-end terminals but with this Custom ROM we can have on any device.

The Xiaomi.EU Custom ROM is now available for the POCO X3 NFC

The Xiaomi EU ROM is now available for the new POCO X3 NFC. News Xiaomi

The best of all is that Xiaomi.EU arrived just a few hours ago at the POCO X3 NFC, based as we have said on the global version of MIUI V12.0.2.0.QJGMIXM . Its weight is 2.4GB and allows us to enjoy all the news of MIUI 12 without the limitations or changes of the POCO Launcher and the version of MIUI for this terminal.

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Of course, unfortunately we still do not have a stable TWRP that allows us to install this Custom ROM, although according to the latest notes that come from XDA-Developers, an unofficial version based on the Redmi Note 9 Pro itself will be available shortly.

Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy the best MIUI ROM in your POCO X3 NFC, you can unlock the bootloader by following this tutorial that we have prepared for it.