A richer music experience, equip with Dynamic + balanced armature drivers and Metal sound chamber with 20-step process.We know that headphones with dynamic driver produce good sound fields while balance armature produces good clarity. So the invention of Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro which placing two drivers into one single set of headphones considers a great news for those who always feel that hard to decide when buying a new headphones. Some people may argue that with the only 14.8usd, is it Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro can really perform well like what introduce on the official website? Let us have a look at it. Get it the cheapest here!

First: Unboxing 

★Compare to previous Mi In Ear headphones which pack in kraft paper box, Mi In Ear headphones Pro pack in a fresh look white box.  The front of the packaging uses an open design, the mi headphones and the wired remotes arrange in the shape like emoticon and it looks cute. After opening the box, I just throw the one time use packaging and starting to listen to the amazing sound with Mi In Ear Headphones Pro. ★Features metallic elements, the metal sound chamber is a 20-step process that involves diamond cutting, CD engraving, drawing and anodizing a piece of aluminum. It is resistant to wear and discoloration even with prolonged use.

★How does it look? Is it very classy? Just have a walk out there, everyone sure looking at you!(Just ignore the big LOGO on my Laptop)  

★The inside of the sound unit is a plastic material, the plastic and the metal is perfectly crafted together. The quality is fantastic and the workmanship of these Xiaomi headphones in no different if compared to the headphones that sold more than 150usd in the market. 

★Earbud use in Mi In Ear headphones Pro is very elegant with using a pacifier grade silicone, feeling comfort even when you worn for long periods. It provides 3 different earbud sizes so that everyone can find their size. The extra advantages of the mi earphones are it closes off the ear canal to environmental noise, so the music that you listen is more natural.  

★On the surface of the metal part of the earbud printed “HD Audio”, and behind the cylindrical cavity, you can see the surface has a very fine CD lines.  

★Just like Xiaomi Mi In Ear headphones, Pro version also using strong, break-resistant kevlar fibers protect wiring and extend its lifespan, while braided sleeving prevents tangling.The end sections are sheathed in TPE to preventing an annoying“stethoscope effect”. 

★The wired remotes use a unilateral design, close to the face and easy to operate. Supported Xiaomi Mi phone and most of the android phone for answering calls, music playback and volume adjustment. For iOS devices, it only supports playback and answering calls but not volume adjustment.  The three sleek buttons are supported “play/pause”, previous and next track, volume adjustment. The metallic wired remotes have a comfortable feel when you hold it in hand.


★The Xiaomi Mi headphone packs a 3.5mm golden plated audio jack which makes it good on antioxidant properties. Beside that the audio jack is cover by concentric circles metal.

Second: Sound Quality Performance 

★Everyone has their own expectation and own preferences for the sound quality of the headphones, so what recommendation by me cannot represent public opinion. So my opinion by using these headphones only for your references.  

★I pick a famous song “Hotel California” from the United States Country Rock bands Eagles, when the song just started, I can hear a live applause, follow by the mixed of the applause and guitar sound, until here Mi In Ear headphones did not mix the two together, and the sound rendering of the guitar sound also in place, but the overtone is slightly low. Continue to listen to the point one minute and twenty seconds there will be an applause of the audience and cheers but this time Mi In Ear headphones Pro rendering significantly inadequate, the noise mixed with the background of the instrument, the sound field is not open like the beginning of the song. The rendering of high and low frequency in place make the overall experience in listening to the song feeling good. It is much better if compare to dynamic driver headphones. 

★The second song, I pick Chinese song. With the support of balanced armature driver, the fine voice and dental consonant of the female voice are well retained. I can obviously listen to the details like when the singer ventilation and swallowing water. For the Mi headphones with this price, the overall performance still got a space to enhance but consider very good already.  

★Third song I pick is “Lil’ Goldfish” from Japanese producer Nao’ymt. This song is also known as: “Song of washing chopsticks” by many China netizen and leave a deep impression on the audience with it unimaginable level of the song. The sound of water, Cicadas, drum and multiple vocals create a Japanese style melody. Xiaomi Mi In Ear Headphones Pro performs great when playing this song,  you can sense the separation of the human voice and the background instruments sound. At the same time, the clarity that produces by headphones Pro allows you listening to the slender voice of the singer and feel the change between the lips and the teeth. 

★Just like what I mentioned early, everyone has their own standard of the good sound quality. But I can assure you, Xiaomi Mi In Ear Headphones Pro performs better than other headphones in the same price range category. Here is the best deal you can find online!

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